Earn from programming on YouTube

Programming is one of the most in-demand fields in the job market today. Hence there are a lot of people who are looking for how to learn programming online in general.

Since YouTube is one of the largest free educational platforms that many rely on to learn different skills. There is a great opportunity to earn from programming by owning a YouTube channel.

Earn from YouTube
 Earn from YouTube

The benefit of programming via YouTube is all about sharing experiences and expertise; Either in the process of learning programming itself. How to apply programming methods and their various applications through YouTube videos.

 Then profit directly from advertising indirectly by promoting the programmer's information and services on his channel.

We will talk in detail through the following items:

  • An important and short introduction to programming and how to benefit from it for beginners.
  • Why do I recommend this method for profit especially for beginners in programming?
  • What kind of content can you provide about programming to make a good income.
  • 7 ways to profit from YouTube by programming directly and indirectly
  • Practical tips to help you make a profit through YouTube as quickly as possible.

How to own a professional YouTube channel.

As we talk together in this article, you will find me answering any questions you may have about profiting from programming, such as:

  • Do I have to be an expert in a specific programming language or specialty to start benefiting from YouTube programming?
  • Can I even start as a beginner?
  • Do I have to be fluent in English to have a professional YouTube channel?
  • Do I have to have professional equipment and tools to get started on YouTube?
  • What is the profit rate for my new YouTube channel?

1. An important introduction to programming and how to benefit from it

If you are new to programming, have not started the learning journey. have little experience in the world of programming. want to know more about how to get started, learn and develop yourself and your skills.

 This article is just part of a large, comprehensive, and up-to-date library of guides, explanations, and articles on the field of programming and information technology. 

Through which we seek to provide all information and resources about programming in all aspects to our dear readers.

If you haven't selected a field yet or want to learn about programming in general, I recommend using the following guides:

  • What is Computer Science Fields: A comprehensive roadmap detailing everything you need about Computer Science
  • What is programming: a simple and practical explanation of programming and the most important terms you should know about it.
  • The most famous programming languages: an explanation of the most important and most popular programming languages ​​and the areas of use for each of them.

If you are looking for the best resources to learn, you can take a look at the following guides:

  • Best Programming Courses for Beginners (Your Guide to Learning from the Best Trainers)
  • Best Books to Learn Programming (Your Comprehensive Guide to Learning from Books)
  • The best sites to learn foreign and Arabic programming (reliable sources).and other guides and resources about learning to code, which will be mentioned later in this guide.

As for getting benefits from programming in general, this article is just an episode of a comprehensive guide titled “15 Ways to Profit from Programming,” which is a comprehensive map on the topic.

But if you do and want to know all the details about making use of YouTube programming, you will find everything you need when we talk about all the things I mentioned to you earlier.

We will first start by talking about the quality of content that you can provide on YouTube in the field of programming.

You will notice that there are approximately 5 types of programming content on YouTube:

  • 1. Tutorials: Videos intended to explain a specific programming language or technology (eg web development courses on the popular Zero Academy channel).

  • 2. Practical explanations: Videos intended to explain a particular tool (eg VScode). Or an explanation of a specific programming concept (eg CSS transitions).

  • 3. Exchange of experiences and learning journey: Video clips in which the programmer talks about his journey or experiences. his social and economic conditions, and the sources he relies on to learn to program. (You will find many videos of this kind on YouTube.)

  • 4. Practical Applications: Videos explaining real-world applications using a specific programming language or technology. (Like how a program works to respond to WhatsApp messages automatically using Python - by the way, this is one of the first projects I did when learning this amazing language😉) .

  • 5. Tips and Tricks: Videos that provide general tips and instructions on learning to code or using one of its different languages ​​or tools. (Like Tips to Learn Programming Quickly - 5 JavaScript Tricks You Didn't Know).

There are many beginners who would like to see the experiences of others. They want to see someone succeed in front of them as a kind of incentive to go through the experience themselves.

 They want to feel that there are those who are going through the same experience of suffering and difficulties as they do so that they do not feel isolated and benefit from their experience.

This in a nutshell means that anyone, regardless of their programming experience, can earn by owning a YouTube channel, even if all they've learned about programming is HTML and CSS.

Remember that no matter what your experience or skill level is; There is a certain category of YouTube visitors who are looking for how to reach your level.

After you know the quality of the content that you can provide to profit from programming through YouTube. Let's start by talking about the importance and benefits of this method of profit that many do not know!

Benefits to the programmer to ownYouTube channel

There are many reasons why I would advise you to take advantage of the YouTube platform, not just for the money; Of course, making money is a good, wonderful, and necessary thing for many people.

But there are other benefits - in my opinion more important than money - that you will get when you have a channel that talks about programming on the YouTube platform, such as:

1. Help you understand and learn

I think you've heard the famous saying "If you can't explain something to a 5-year-old, you don't understand it well", and I think you've also heard that one of the best ways to learn is to explain what you've learned to others.

When you explain what you have learned about programming on your YouTube channel, it helps deepen your understanding. It will make you revise what you've learned so you can become more efficient at it, which is a great benefit.

2. Take responsibility

Many of those looking to learn to program nowadays do not rely on university education but rather on self-learning. It is difficult and requires patience and persistence.

When you share what you've learned with people, and tell them about your plans and goals, you become more responsible. You have additional motivation that helps you learn with discipline to keep your promises in front of people.

3. You will learn how to challenge yourself

Many YouTube channel followers in programming ask channel owners to explain certain terms or try a certain technology or tool. This will push you to constantly challenge yourself and develop your skills.

4. Share experiences and experiences with others

When you share what you have learned or how you are learning it with YouTube users, you will find a lot of response and interaction.

 You will find someone who will advise you, share their experiences with you, or bring to your attention information that you did not consider, and this is also a huge benefit.

5. Feeling good and proud to help people

When you see a comment from one of your followers that says, “Thank you, you helped me and made an impact in my work life.” 

You will feel great motivating, and your work on the YouTube channel will be work that helps others.

There are other benefits that you will get indirectly, such as:

  • A/ Create a strong profile: Your YouTube channel will serve as a business gallery for you and a place to demonstrate your programming skills, experience, and knowledge to anyone.

  • B / Expand your circle of acquaintances: The YouTube channel will help you meet people who have the same interests as you. So you may find someone to collaborate with or work with in the future.

  • C / Increase your chance of profit from free work: Profit from free work is one of the most important ways to profit from programming. The YouTube channel will indirectly help you in promoting yourself and what you can do. Many viewers of your work often help you. The videos will contact you to seek professional assistance.

This is as opposed to using a YouTube channel to directly promote your free business if you are interested in this field

All of these reasons and more make YouTube programming an excellent option for many programmers, regardless of their level or knowledge.

Now that you know about the quality of the content and the benefits of having a YouTube channel in programming... Now let's dive into how programmers can make money from YouTube.

7 ways to earn from programming on YouTube

There are many direct and indirect ways to profit from programming on YouTube. I will show you the 7 best and most popular methods with some important information and notes:

1. Profit from Adsense ads

All the ads you see before, during after YouTube videos are arranged and displayed on the channels through the YouTube platform itself so that you can share a portion of the earnings from these ads with the owners of the channels themselves.

This is what is known as the AdSense program for earning from YouTube, which the owner of any YouTube channel can apply to after fulfilling certain conditions, such as "Specific number of views - specified number of subscribers".

Don't worry, I will give you everything you need to start taking advantage of this software:

  • First up:  Here's our comprehensive winners' guide on leveraging YouTube, in which you'll find practically everything you need to get started.

  • Second: Here is a comprehensive guide that talks about Google Adsense, how it works, and all the information you need about it.

  • Third: Here is the "What is the profit rate from YouTube" guide to learn how to calculate the profit from Google Adsense on YouTube channels in detail.

  • Fourth: Here is the “Terms of Profit from YouTube” guide, in which you will find a detailed explanation of the conditions that you must implement to start making profits.

2. Profit from sponsorship offers

I think you've heard the phrase “This video is sponsored by…” in many YouTube videos, both programming and otherwise.

When you have followers and your videos get a good viewership, you will find many companies contacting you to market their products and services for a certain amount of money.

You'll find these offers come to you automatically over time, and you can reach out to any company or service you use constantly. ask them to curate some of your videos, especially as you're constantly promoting their services.

This method is very profitable but not at the beginning of your YouTube journey, you will need some time to build a base of followers and viewers to benefit from this method.

3. Profit from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet in general. All you do is promote some products and services by putting links to them in the description of your videos.

These links are called “affiliate links”, which if someone uses them to purchase any product or service, you will earn a commission.

If you now go to any YouTube video on programming, and you find the owner of the channel talking about “host company - coursebook - program-specific”.

 You click on any link for these products in the description, you can often find the affiliate link.

If this is the first time you hear about this method of profit, then I advise you to guide “Affiliate Marketing” where you will find everything you need to know about this field.

Regarding the search about the affiliate marketing programs and tools that you can promote. all you have to do is look at the sites of services and tools that you use. 

you will find titles such as (Affiliate program - Referral program) that explains everything to you in order to promote any service.

What also distinguishes the benefit of affiliate marketing in programming is that you are promoting digital services and products, and most of these products offer an excellent commission rate that can be as high as 50%.

For example, there is a hosting company for servers, which many programmers need - and I personally rely on - offering a 50% commission on each new customer introduced by the affiliate marketer.

If you are creative and really want to profit from programming through YouTube, you will find this company and others on your own with ease.

4. Profit from promoting your website

If you have a website as a blog, service or tool. you can use your YouTube channel to promote that site, thus increasing your earnings from it.

For example, if you have a blog and you use it to profit from ads, you can promote it on YouTube, so the traffic rate increases, and hence the rate of earnings.

5. Profit from selling digital products

Profiting from selling digital products is one of the most prominent ways to profit from programming via YouTube at the present time, especially with the great demand for these products.

These digital products may be:

  • e-books.
  • courses.
  • Ready-made software templates.
  • Plugins and software tools such as (plugins - scripts) and others.

I think you have some experience with these products, as most YouTube channel owners sell courses and books to their followers.

Taking advantage of this method requires some experience, knowledge and familiarity with what the market needs. Don't worry, you'll get to know all this over time, and if you're already an expert, feel free to do so.

When you get your first 10,000 followers, I advise you to immediately start creating and promoting these digital products.

6. Profit by promoting your self-employment services

I mentioned this method earlier when I talked about the benefits of having a YouTube channel about programming. If you are interested in freelancing and want to get started. 

Whether through direct communication with employers or by working on the most popular freelance platforms.

You should know that the YouTube channel will help you promote your services and products, it will make anyone get to know you, your personality, your experience and skills. this helps to break down barriers between you and customers and easily build trust.

7. Profit from donations

There are a lot of YouTube channels that rely on the idea of ​​donating or directly helping the content provider. For example, the famous Freecodecamp channel does not depend on profit in any way. Even ads, and rely only on the support of followers.

any programmers on YouTube who would rather give everything they have for free, and only accept financial support from those who can afford it, or who value the information and advice they provide.

This method may generate a good and steady income for you if it is liked and appreciated by your followers.

Now let's move on to the practical side of this article; I provide you with everything you need to make a good YouTube video and edit your channel so that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

How to own a professional YouTube channel to profit from programming

Some people think that you need expensive equipment and tools to post videos. Knowing that many programming videos just need a good microphone and computer screen recording software.

Practical tips on earning programming on YouTube

In the end, I would like to give you a set of tips and guidelines to help you monetize programming through YouTube as quickly as possible, with minimal effort, and with a guarantee of continuity.

1. Summarize the information: The easiest videos that you can provide are those in which you summarize a set of information. For example: (The best Python libraries in the field of data science). It is the information that you may have searched or searched for at the present time... so why not kill two birds with one stone?!

2. Record all the projects you work on: Try to speak out while you work, this will make you quickly get used to making videos and talking to people through video.

3. Write a simple text: I advise you to write the text that you are going to say in the video. And practice it once or twice before recording a video. You don't have to type full-text word for word. The important thing is to identify the points and topics you address before you record the video.

4. Do not change your personality: It is true that I may have encouraged you and increased your enthusiasm to start this method. But the most important piece of advice I can give you next is to be yourself.

You don't have to present the content in a similar way to any channel you follow, you may not talk much or be a bit shy...it doesn't matter, the important thing is that you love what you are doing and want to benefit.

5. Be honest: tell people your true level, and never claim experience or knowledge. This will make you gain the respect of your followers, so they will trust you faster.

6. Organize your time: The idea of ​​owning a YouTube channel may be secondary to you, you may be a student or have a job, so try to organize your time well so that it does not affect any activity you do.

7. Maintain a consistent posting schedule: It doesn't matter how many videos you post as important as continuity, for example, tries to stick to one video each week, and as time goes on and experience you can increase this rate if your weekly schedule allows.

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If you have any questions, leave them to us in the comments... I wish you success

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