Freelancing: A Complete Detailed Guide to 2021 Freelancer

 Freelancing: A Complete, Detailed Guide to 2021 Freelancer

 Freelancer: A Complete and Detailed Guide to 2021 Freelancer If you want to keep up with the digital world we live in. are bored with traditional work, want more freedom in your life. have ambition for better income or even have a skill. 

Want to make money With her based on prejudice...Welcome to the world of freelance work that opens its doors to everyone.

Freelancing: A Complete  Detailed Guide to 2021 Freelancer
Freelancer Guide

 Online freelancer lessons

By studying the information, ideas and points on this page ... you will have a clear map on a scientific and practical basis to enter the world of freelance work ... you are really about to read the most comprehensive, detailed and simplified guide.

What is the Freelancer?

Self-employment: It is a specific type of work in which the employer does not share a freelance long-term with a specific employer like a traditional employee, but rather works in different projects with different parties, and the financial return is calculated. . per hour or in the form of a fixed amount in return for the completion of a specific task.

Freelancers and those who work in the field of self-employment are called freelancers, independent contractors.

When you break down the term Freelance, you will find that it consists of two words. the first word “Free” which means free, and the second word “Lance” which means lance or lance, and by combining the two words together you get the literal translation of the term Freelance, which is a free shaft.

To understand the idea of ​​self-employment with a simple illustrative example. on what basis it is based, the most important statistics related to freelance work. its rapid growth, and the opportunities and possibilities it offers to everything in the world. 

The most important jobs of  Freelancer

What fields or specializations are available in the freelance market that I can work in? 

This is a very important question, and many young people who want to enter the world of freelancing ask it and want a detailed answer about it.

The answer to this question is not as stable as it seems! 

The world of free work is closely related to the world of information technology, and as is known. the world of information technology is a very changing world. Therefore every day new specialties appear in the world. independent scientist.

Example: If he is a business owner, let him be a restaurant owner. This business owner wants to take advantage of the marketing opportunities available through social media. he created an Instagram account and a Facebook account to market his restaurant.

This person has neither the time nor the experience to manage his restaurant pages on social networks ... Fortunately there is a so-called free labor market. through which he can reach a young man with the required marketing skills Restaurant pages.

List of the largest and most popular areas of the freelance market:

  1. Programming: The field related to developing websites, smartphone applications, computer software, etc.
  2. Writing: It is the field related to everything related to the world of writing with all its types and specializations.
  3. Translation: to and from all languages.
  4. Graphic Design: Everything related to mixing colors with fonts to achieve the visual design.
  5. Editing: All about video design and editing Freelancing: A Complete and In-Depth A-Z Guide 2021

Note: Not all of the above fields are self-employment specialties, and under most of the specializations there are also dozens of sub-disciplines. which expand exponentially to create a vast network of opportunities that can count on hundreds of millions of people around the world.

For a detailed list of freelance fields of work, the most important sub-specialties in each field, and practical steps to help you choose the right field for you.

 It is assumed that you are familiar with the world of freelancing and understand the most important information you need to know before embarking on. this path and that you also know the most important areas of freelancing and sub-domains.

How to get started  freelancing

I want to work as a self-employed person but I don't have experience with the steps to follow... 

What should I do? This is also one of the frequently asked questions about the winners, which we will answer in detail today.

In order to start entering the world of freelance work in a practical and scientific way, follow these steps:

1. First ask yourself if freelancing is right for me?

You might feel a little weird about this point but in my opinion, it's a very important point. Stopping before you leave costs a lot less than wasting time on something that isn't right for you at first.

Let's first agree that human beings are different from each other and that what you feel is the dream of your life may be something boring for someone else. 

Freelance work, like any other field of work, has a special nature and requires special components that make it not suitable for everyone.

To make sure that freelance work is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you work long hours on your own, just to yourself and your computer screen?
  • Do you have the ability to motivate yourself and engage in your work without any outside interference?
  • Do you have the determination and patience to be successful as a self-employed worker?
  • Can you afford not to have an income for several months (the learning and start-up period)?
Answer these questions honestly and you will get the answer you need to make the right decision.

2. Prepare for the basic requirements of self-employment

To start working as a self-employed person, you need to meet several basic requirements, including:

  • A place to work.
  • Computer.
  • Good internet.

It should be noted that these requirements are basic and you will need them no matter what field you specialize in because they represent the infrastructure that depends he has to start entering the field of independent work.

3. Choose a specific area and start learning it

If you have studied the areas of freelancing, I think you have a clear idea of ​​the most important of these. I also think that you are feeling a little confused about choosing the right one for you

  • Learn about the areas of freelance work and try to gather information about each area.
  • Try to ask yourself; What are the things that interest you and excite you?
  • Use your family and close friends to find out your strengths and uniqueness.

4. Really start working as a freelancer

In this step, you really need to get into and integrate into the open job market and start looking for your first business.

 This step is full of details, and don't worry, there are tools, platforms, and methods that will help you a lot to get involved in the business and start benefiting from freelance work.

The important things you need to do in this step are:

  • Create professional accounts on social media platforms.
  • Subscribe to some independent platforms.
  • Work on developing a professional account for yourself on LinkedIn.
  • Register on sites and platforms in your field of specialization.

Of course, the points covered above are brief, and the explanation of each point was a great shortcut. as we have prepared a special lesson for that point. in which you will find step-by-step steps to start working independently in a practical way. 

The method, a detailed explanation of each step, and important resources will help you a lot, and here is the link to the lesson:

How to get started on your way to freelancing

Essential Skills Every Freelancer Needs

As a Freelancer, he strives for success and wishes to embark on a serious and ambitious career as a freelancer. You need to learn some basic skills, which in my opinion will relieve you of many future obstacles and save you a lot of time. here are the most important ones:

1. Self-learning skill

By working as a Lancer, you will be working from your own computer connected to the internet. this device is also your only way to learn. 

There are probably some classes and workshops that you can take advantage of, but if you don't have the ability to learn on your own. you are completely on your own, you're going to have a big problem there, my friend.

Your key to success my friend in this task is to be a professional user of the Internet ... You can use search engines well, and through them, you can access any information or resources you want.

Plus, being in the right online communities and following major websites helps you a lot.

2. Time management skill

Working freely is a double-edged sword, and only evil can truly destroy. For your business as a Lancier, you have complete freedom to manage your time. which wastes your time and therefore you must have the right knowledge. information and tools to allow you to manage your time effectively.

3. Negotiation skill

Many freelancers work through freelance platforms, but there are also many who work through a direct agreement with the employer. you will have to negotiate a lot of things, including financial compensation.

Negotiation skills are one of the skills that you can acquire through experience, and there are also many resources on the Internet that will help you a lot in learning this skill.

4. Good communication skills

Good communication is one of the main keys to success in the world of freelance work. so you should always work on developing your communication skills.

How do you send an email with a job offer?

How do you deal with angry customers? 

How do you maintain a consistently fast response rate? 

How do we make sure that communication tasks are not a waste of time?

Standalone tools

Tools What do you know what tools! 

When we talk about any internet-related business, the tools here are the backbone of the business itself. without these tools completing the job would be almost impossible.

When you go into freelancing, you will find that everything you do is mostly done by tools. so don't get confused, here we will divide tools into general tools for everyone and private tools depending on the specialty 

These tools are tools that everyone needs, regardless of the specialty in which they work, and they, in turn, are divided into two types:

Physical tools

Everything that is physical and tangible to help you accomplish the tasks required of you, like Lancer. one of the most important of these tools is a computer with good specifications.

Intangible tools

It is a set of programs and services that help you achieve what is required of you easily and in a short time, including:

Some time management apps

  • Some extensions for Google Chrome (there are extensions for the rest of the browsers).
  • Some basic software such as Skype for communication.

How to Brand Yourself as a Professional Lancer

Now, presumably, you have the tools and skills that are in demand in the job market. you practically want to start looking like a professional in the freelancing world...what do you do?

There are a lot of things that you need to work on to create your own brand. these are the most important:

1. Your social media accounts

Your social media accounts are one of the important aspects that you need to pay attention to. through which you can appear as a professional in your field. this will go a long way in helping you get more job opportunities.

As a normal internet user, I think you have social media accounts. here you are faced with two options; You can either integrate your personal accounts into the world of freelance work or create new accounts for work.

There is no right or wrong choice but from my personal point of view. creating business accounts would be more beneficial while avoiding the overlap between the personal and professional aspects of your life.

Subscribe to groups about your business, share posts about your industry, share your news and try to build a community of colleagues and potential clients.

2. Your accounts on freelance websites

Freelance platforms are simply intermediary platforms that specialize in freelance work. They open their door to any freelance translator who has the skill to register. they put their skills in front of all the users of the platform, on the other hand. they also open their door to any business manager. Who wants to accomplish any of the tasks, and is looking for FreeLancer.

Freelance platforms provide a dashboard for both the freelancer and the business owner. provide a tight system to protect both parties. charge commissions accordingly, the nature of commissions varies by platform.

Freelance platforms are one of the important aspects of the world of freelance work. so we have prepared a special lesson for them, in which you will find a lot of information about these platforms and an explanation of them. 

How they work, as well as a list of the most important (public and private). And important tips to help you use them correctly and sources for our other articles explaining specific platforms, here is the article link:

3. Your wallet

A portfolio is a file where you save your business models in your niche. for example if you're a logo design professional. you can include a set of logos you've designed before in your business templates file. so your potential clients can consult them to evaluate your business.

There are many tools available on the web, which you can use to create your own portfolio. there are many tools that are specialized in creating a portfolio for specific areas… You can choose any of these tools and use them to present your business models.

For a detailed explanation of the portfolio and to learn more about the top sites and tools with which you can create a Portfolio.

4. Your LinkedIn account

Linkedin is a social networking site, and I talked about appearing on social media above. but Linkedin has a private nature, so I will stress this point for him in particular.

LinkedIn is a practical social media, i.e. specialized in the business side, and has tens of millions of freelancers and business owners, and therefore it is a real treasure for those who can.

  • First: You need to create a professional account on LinkedIn and take care of all its details, because it is your CV, and therefore you will get a lot of job opportunities.
  • Second: You need to create a network of other users related to your industry, whether they are your colleagues or business owners.
  • Third: You need to interact with this site and give it enough time and attention.

5. Your personal blog or YouTube channel

Building a personal blog or YouTube channel to share your passion (your niche). with the world is a point that few self-employed people care about, but it is a very important point. it is possible to get more job opportunities.

I highly recommend that you start a personal blog for yourself, and write about the skills you learn. the obstacles you encounter, the educational resources you rely on, etc. A personal blog can help you in many ways, including:

  • Launch like a professional in your field and then attract new clients.
  • With this, you can help other beginners.
  • You can count on him to make a profit from your business as a freelance writer.
  • This of course also applies to the YouTube channel.

The most common problems in self-employment

The best way to deal with problems is to be one step ahead of them by anticipating them and preparing for them.

Freelancing, like any other job, can have some issues or hindrances to relocation. as someone looking to succeed in this field, you need to be aware of these issues and have the ability to deal with them as they arise.

Here is a list of the most common problems or barriers to freelance work:

1. The problem of absolute freedom

Absolute freedom to manage your time as you see fit and complete your work. as you see fit is one of the most well-known problems of self-employment, which leads to a lot of time wasted. lack of commitment at work, and loss. of customer satisfaction.

2. Price issue

How do you price my business? What is the correct way to price my business? How can I, as a beginner in desperate need of money, handle the price element? When can I lower prices? And when should it be lifted?

These are all important questions, and you should have enough knowledge and experience to deal with them, so I'll put a section on them in this guide later.

3. Health problems

Did you know that one of the most common problems with freelance at-home writers is back pain and neck pain?

Of course, you don't want to work for two or three years, and then stop working due to health issues, you have to take the health aspect into consideration in your Covery Lancer's life.

For a full list of the most important freelance problems, how to approach each one, and practical solutions based on the experiences of the world's most famous freelancers, see the lesson in the link below:

Freelance pricing

I have treated the above pricing as one of the issues of freelancing, and here I will address it in a separate point in detail, as it is one of the very important aspects of the freelancing world.

1. The area in which you specialize as a freelancer

Freelance work includes many fields as we mentioned earlier, and there is a disparity in price between fields and some of them, for example, workers in the field of programming get higher returns than those who work in writing or translation.

2. The nature of the client and the size of his budget

If you are a logo maker, for example; A customer who owns a small restaurant will never pay like a business, which in turn will never pay like a big brand that wants to renew its logo.

3. Your skills and experience

by analogy with the same example of race; A big brand won't take on the task of designing a logo for a novice designer, but they will make sure to give this task to an experienced designer, who has a lot of skills, experience and a good professional background.

4. Being there for work

If you have a lot of projects you're working on, you may have more freedom to turn down projects that aren't paid well, but if you don't have projects to work on, accept what's available...better than stopping work altogether.

5. The way you work with the client

There are several ways to work with the company and they differ among themselves in the method of pricing. For example, if you work with a client through independent platforms, here the platform pricing system will have an important role in pricing. The strength of your account on the platform will also limit you to a certain average price.

But if you work directly with the customer, there will be more flexibility in pricing, and most of the time, the price will be determined based on the outcome of the negotiation between you and the customer.

6. How difficult is the task

If you are a website developer and a customer asks you to build a website with normal that the same price as another website with complex specs and advanced features? The answer, of course, is no.

Hourly pricing vs project pricing

In the world of self-employment, labor pricing is calculated according to two types:

1. Hourly pricing

In it, the number of hours spent performing the required task is calculated and multiplied by the hourly labor rate. For example, if there is a project that requires five hours of labor and an hourly cost is $10, then the project cost is $50.

This method is not generally followed in the Arab countries, and it is, in my opinion, an inaccurate method for determining the price of independent work, for the following reasons:

What if you have a lot of experience and can get the hard work done in a short amount of time?

2. Entire project pricing

In it, the price is calculated on the basis of a fixed and predetermined amount against the completion of the entire project or the completion of the required task.

This method is the most used method, and in my opinion, it is the most accurate and recognizable method more accurately. The employer comes and offers the task they want to get done, a specific amount of money is negotiated in exchange for completing the task, the freelancer does the task and gets paid.

After learning about the pricing criteria and the difference between hourly or fixed pricing for a project or task... Now let's learn how to set the price.

How would you rate your work as a freelancer?

There are several ways to price your freelance business and the main ones are:

1. Average market price

Here, you'll be based on the average prices your fellow freelancers work with, and you can get average prices by asking questions on forums, pages, and social media groups.

2. Average price of freelance translators in your category on freelance platforms

There are many indicators that rank freelancers on independent platforms, for example, on all freelance platforms there is a system for rating the self-employed, and on some independent platforms there are categories for the self-employed (eg, new seller, trusted seller, professional seller ).

Of course, each category differs from the other in the pricing system, here you have to take the average prices of the category you belong to and price them against your services.

3. Calculate your personal expenses with the addition of a profit margin

Here you have to calculate all your monthly costs of rent, bills, food and drink expenses...etc, and add an amount to save it. Then divide the total amount by the number of monthly worked hours, to get the average hourly employment rate.

It should be noted that this system is suitable for those who use the hourly work system, which, in my personal opinion, is completely unreliable, since monthly costs may vary from person to person, and this is an objective criterion for calculating the cost.

4. Pricing by the value proposition

What if I took multiple courses for two years to become a science major? What if you still have four years of professional experience? Should this be taken into account when pricing your services? absolutely yes.

Pricing on the basis of offered value is one of the very fair pricing methods, through which you will get the best income due to your professionalism and accumulated experience.

How to make money as a freelancer

How to get money is one of the points of interest to many who want to enter the world of independent work, and here we will cover this point in detail.

Independent work is a field based on communication, communication, implementation and delivery of work on modern communication technologies, as well as payment, and payment is made through modern electronic payment methods.

Note: In the event that you work through an independent platform, you need to go to the platform and find out the payment methods that it offers. here you will not receive payments from each client independently, but the platform will collect all your credit through all of your work on it. will send it to you when it comes to Minimum payment.

In the event that you work directly with the customer, here you can agree with the customer on any payment method that suits you and suits him at the same time.

Here are the most popular ways to make money as a freelancer:

1. Via an electronic bank

Electronic banking, led by PayPal and Pioneer for electronic banking. One of the most important ways to receive money for freelancers around the world. Through electronic banking services. You can link your bank account or credit card, start receiving money through electronic banking, and then transfer the money to your bank account.

2. By bank transfer to your bank account

It is one of the most popular ways in the world of freelance work, through which you can receive your money directly into your bank account via local or international transfer.

The commission in this method is very high and it usually takes turnover. It takes 4 working days for you to receive it, but it is a safe and easy-to-use method, and you only need to provide your bank account details to your employer or to the freelance platform.

Note: The above two methods are the two most popular methods offered by freelance sites.

3. Western Union

Western Union is a field bank that specializes in sending and receiving money internationally, Free Lancer provides the business owner with his personal data (name and address only).

 so that the sender goes to one of the Western Union sockets and sends the transfer, which arrives instantly, and the recipient can pick it up through his own number ( MTCN).

4. Through one of the telecommunications companies' portfolios

Recently, mobile phone companies have made it possible to send and receive money through a wallet on a mobile phone linked to a mobile phone number.

This method is a great option for local payment, that is when the independent business owner and the business owner are from the same country.

Note: In Egypt, all three mobile phone companies (Etisalat, Vodafone and Orange) offer this service, and I think that companies in other Arab countries offer this kind of service.

You can contact your company's support service, find out the terms of the subscription.

It's worth noting that there are many local payment solutions that have been popping up lately which is a great option if the freelance writer and business owner are from the same country.

How do you define yourself as a self-employed person?

The Internet is a very crowded world, which makes it a very competitive world, and any business associated with it applies these qualities, so in the world of freelance work. you will not achieve the success you want without some marketing efforts, and of course, here we are talking about e-marketing, where you can reach your potential customers on the Internet.

In many of the aspects mentioned above and in some of the sub-tutorials, we have covered many of the points associated with marketing yourself as a Free Lancer.

 Marketing in simple and concise points:

  • You must understand that self-marketing is an integral part of your business at FreeLancer, and you cannot ignore it because it is one of the keys to your success.
  • Build a network by integrating with your social media community and LinkedIn account.
  • Connect with your target customers and offer them your services.
  • Don't wait for the job to succeed, but constantly experiment with your work and share it with your target audience.
  • Improve your accounts on freelance sites, and always try to be there.
  • When you start getting friendly and professional clients, you gain them as clients in the long run.
  • Connect with other successful freelancers and tell them that you are waiting for a new job. Many popular freelance translators give up their excess work to other freelance employers.
  • Launching paid advertising campaigns.
  • Constantly improving your portfolio.
  • Make yourself visible and noticeable wherever your potential customers are.
  • After you have acquired clients and successfully completed the work between you, ask them to recommend you to other clients.
  • Subscribe to paid packages on freelance platforms. (Some standalone platforms offer premium packages that make it easier to get a job.)

The difference between freelance work and Distance working?

Remote work and independent work are two concepts that overlap to some extent, but at the same time they are two different concepts, and each of them has a special nature.

Remote work: This is a relatively recent method that companies provide to their employees, because certain types of companies allow their employees to work from their home, but in a functional environment, and at a fixed salary, and there are specific tasks for employees to complete.

Remote work has become very popular after the emergence of the Corona pandemic, as an attempt by companies to avoid mixing and as a preventive measure for everyone. Remote work is not suitable for all types of jobs, and to work with it the job must be from home and does not require the employee to visit the company.

 How can I get my first job as a freelancer?

A Kafri Lancer Newbie The biggest hurdle you will have to overcome will be actually entering the world of freelancing i.e. getting started with projects and getting financial returns.

Here are some simple points that will go a long way in helping you land your first freelance job:

  • Prepare well before entering the market, by thoroughly learning and mastering the required skills.
  • By equipping yourself with the necessary tools and soft skills to be available in every FreeLancer.
  • If finding a job is late, use this time to learn more skills and develop your existing ones.
  • Try to apply all the points of marketing for yourself as FreeLancer that were mentioned above.
  • Volunteer with an organization or place where you can practice and learn practical skills.
  • Finally: Never give up and trust that work is inevitable and will happen, so keep trying.

Is freelancing a career path?

It depends on the field in which you will specialize, for example, if you work as a web programmer and have practical knowledge and experience in this field, this is a career path, where you can work in the future. Under a fixed-term contract with a leading company.

But if you specialize in simple services like data entry, or do small tasks on a standalone platform, this is not a career path that you can count on in the long run.

What is the best field for freelancing?

This question is a popular question that a lot of freelancers ask, and it's totally wrong! The right question to ask here and to yourself and no one else is; What is the most suitable area for me in the world of freelance work?

You can find out for yourself by looking at the available areas, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, getting your hands on your interests in life, and what things you are passionate about.

But anyway, here is an article that talks about the most in-demand areas in the online job market.

What is the profit rate of Independent work?

This is also one of the questions that a lot of Dice Butants ask, and this is a question that does not have a typical answer and depends on many important factors, including what we discussed in the pricing point.

But in any case, you can count on independent work as your main and primary source of income, and enjoy it enough for you and your family while saving money.

Is freelancing right for everyone?

No, in short, freelance work isn't good for everyone, and it's not a bad thing. You can return to the lesson of what independent work is, to understand its features and characteristics.

If you find that freelancing is not for you, it is not the end of the world, there are many other ways to work online and make money from it, which you can check out through our complete guide with the link below:

Ways to Take Advantage of the Internet (Real Life-Changing Opportunities)

How can I gain the skill to work as a freelancer?

The advantage of freelance work is that you will find everything you need on the Internet, with which you will also work. There are hundreds of helpful articles (like the ones on Winners), YouTube videos, and dozens of helpful lessons in just about any field you want to learn.

Is English necessary for self-employment?

Let's not sum up the facts, the truth here is that English is the language of technology and the language of the Internet, and this makes learning an essential part of any Free Lancer striving for success and growth.

Of course, you do not have to be proficient in the English language, but at least you must reach a level that allows you to communicate with it, and you must have the ability to read it, especially in the specialty you choose to work in. 

The most promising thing that will help you a lot in learning English is that we have published a series of articles on learning English, which you can access through the link below:

Can a freelance writer hire another freelance writer to perform certain tasks?

The answer is yes, in the world of freelance work, everything is intertwined, and a freelance professional can sometimes take on the role of an employer looking for a freelance writer to do a particular job that he or she is not good at.

For example, if you are a website developer, and you receive a job offer that includes developing a website in addition to its design, in this case, you cannot refuse the project because you do not have the skills to complete it completely, but you can use Free Lancer to do the job for you.

Finally, I know the freelance work guide has been a long one and you will need a lot of time to study it completely through its 9 sub-tutorials, but I hope it will be worth all your time because it has literally everything you need. To start and succeed in independent work, to develop, grow and achieve long-term success.

Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2021

If you're looking for freelance jobs, you probably know how confusing the task can be, even if you've already created an online portfolio. But don't worry – in this article, we are going to list the best freelance websites.

1. Fiverr

2. Upwork

3. Toptal

4. LinkedIn

5. Flexjobs

6. SimplyHired

7. Guru


9. Behance

10. 99designs

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