The ability of dinosaurs to survive icy cold helped them dominate the planet.
  Because dinosaurs were already adapted to polar environments, they may have survived cold winters during the end-Triassic extinction even...
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A new analysis of more than 4,000 ancient and contemporary human genomes
A new study of over 4,000 ancient and modern human genomes reveals how common such "founder events" were throughout human history...
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Europe's largest land predator discovered on the Isle of Wight
Anthony Hutchings created this illustration of a White Rock spinosaurid. Credit: UoS/A Hutchings   Research led by paleontologists at the U...
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How ancient, recurring climate changes may have shaped human evolution
 The development of Homo sapiens and Neandertals is linked to a contested predecessor, according to shifting environments. According to a ne...
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North America’s oldest skull surgery dates to at least 3,000 years ago
 A man's regeneration of bone implies he survived a hole scraped out of his forehead. According to a new study, the first known occurren...
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Social mingling shapes how orangutans issue warning calls
 "Kiss-squeaks" among red apes reveal how social situations shape vocal variation. In low-density groups, orangutans (like the one...
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A Denisovan girl’s fossil tooth may have been unearthed in Laos
 A molar adds to suspicions that the mysterious hominids inhabited Southeast Asia's forests According to scientists, a newly discovered ...
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Scientists find brain cells of a young man who died 2000 years ago "bright thing in the skull"
  A team of Italian researchers has found a discovery, the first of its kind in the world, where they documented the presence of brain cells...
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