Investigating positron scattering from massive molecular targets
 To investigate quantum properties that cannot be tested with electrons, new research looks at positron scattering from rare gas atoms enc...
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 Chemicals in the winter air in Fairbanks
According to new research that seeks to better understand the causes and makeup of the dirty air, a chemical compound discovered in Fairban...
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The largest carbon capture project in the United Kingdom will convert CO2 into baking soda.
 Tata Chemicals Europe's Northwich plant will eventually capture 40,000 tonnes of CO2 per year for use in the production of sodium bicar...
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A pigment's chemistry change robbed a painted yellow rose of its radiance.
 The decay of an arsenic-based paint removed the shadows and light from a still life flower. In Abraham Mignon's otherwise lively painti...
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Biochemists use enzymes to change the way brain cells communicate with each other
As you read this sentence, neurons in your brain send fast-fire electrical signals to each other, relaying information. They do this throu...
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MIT Chemists Design New Light-Powered Catalysts That Could Help Manufacturing
  MIT chemists have developed a novel photoredox catalyst that may make it easier to incorporate light-driven reactions into continuous flow...
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