Intensive farming may actually reduce the risk of pandemics.
 Scientists assess the evidence that intensive livestock farming causes pandemics and discover that intensive farming may actually reduce...
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Organic farming has many benefits over traditional farming methods.
Organic farming definition Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on natural processes, rather than the use of synthetic inp...
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New clues about when, where and how chickens were domesticated
New research is transforming our understanding of the conditions and timing of chicken domestication , and its spread across Asia to the We...
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A tweaked yeast can make ethanol from cornstalks and a harvest’s other leftovers
 The method could be used to tap into underutilized renewable fuel sources. According to a new study, the leaves, stalks, and discarded cobs...
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Potty-trained cattle could help reduce pollution
 These cows utilize restroom cubicles when nature calls. This cow is natural when it comes to potty training. When this and other calves nee...
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How Romanesco cauliflower forms its spiraling fractals
Scientists were able to duplicate the pattern by modifying just three genes in a typical lab plant.  The fractal display of Romanesco caulif...
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Cold plasma could transform the sustainable farms of the future
 How the fourth state of matter can make a greenhouse greener — and boost plant growth Stephan Reuter of Polytechnique Montréal uses his exp...
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