Investigating positron scattering from massive molecular targets
 To investigate quantum properties that cannot be tested with electrons, new research looks at positron scattering from rare gas atoms enc...
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Light can appear undistorted while traveling through a distorting medium.
 Deep learning models that can accurately and efficiently identify measurements of tumors, tissue volume, or other types of abnormalities ar...
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Researchers harness the power of a new solid-state thermal technology
  A flexible thermal conductor has been created by the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science researchers. This di...
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physicists have created a quantum boomerang For the first time.
 Hundreds of thousands of lithium atoms cooled to near absolute zero exhibit an unusual quantum effect similar to a boomerang. The quantum b...
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New nuclear imaging prototype detects the faint glow of tumors.
 Cerenkov light may one day be used by doctors to detect cancer. Cerenkov light emits a blue glow when high-speed particles travel faster th...
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Quantum particles can feel the effects of gravitational fields that you never touch
Scientists have discovered that the Aharonov-Bohm effect also applies to gravity. Gravity is caused by massive objects warping spacetime, ac...
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Physicists have announced the first results from the final dataset of the Daya Bay neutrino experiments
During installation, a bird's-eye view of the underground Daya Bay far detector hall was captured. Four antineutrino detectors are subme...
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