UK wants to send a spacecraft to grab two dead satellites from space
The United Kingdom is investing £5 million  to fund a space junk removal mission. The project's goal is to return two defunct satellites...
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An otherwise quiet galaxy in the early universe is spewing star stuff
 Astronomers were surprised to see hot gas pushed so far from the galaxy's core. Cooler gas (red) extends farther than stars and hot gas...
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The science of the solar system is linked to colossal collisions.
 A new study reveals a deep connection between some of the universe's largest, most energetic events and much smaller, weaker ones powe...
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Neutrinos trace the sun has more carbon and nitrogen than formerly thought
After many years of debate, scientists have become toward identifying precisely what the sun — and as a result, the entire universe — is mad...
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A fast radio burst, a space solar station and black holes
  Artist's illustration of a magnetar, a neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field that emits radio waves (red). Magnetars ar...
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NASA TROPICS cubesat launch by Astra fails
ARCADIA, CA - The Astra launch of two NASA CubeSats to monitor tropical storms on June 12 failed when the rocket's upper stage premat...
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Astronomers may have discovered a 'dark' floating black hole
Black holes are, by their nature, invisible unless they are part of a stellar binary or surrounded by an accretion disk.  Most stellar-size...
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Astronomers have revealed the first image of a black hole in the heart of our galaxy
 The first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy has been released by astronomers. This result prov...
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Pulsars may provide cosmic rays with the highest energies known in the universe
 Their magnetic environments are ideal for accelerating particles to ultrahigh energies. cosmic rays The windy and chaotic remnants of recen...
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A 'hedgehog' on the sun was discovered by the Solar Orbiter satellite.
 The ESA-NASA mission's closest approach to our star yet has yielded new photos. Meet the "hedgehog," a recently discovered so...
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Satellites spy pictures uncover Himalaya ice sheet  have multiplied
Satellites spy pictures uncover Himalaya ice sheet  have multiplied Satellites: The speed at which ice sheets in the Himalayas a...
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