Long-term liquid water also on non-Earth-like planets
  Low-mass planets with a primordial atmosphere of hydrogen and helium may have temperatures and pressures suitable for liquid water. Becaus...
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UK wants to send a spacecraft to grab two dead satellites from space
The United Kingdom is investing £5 million  to fund a space junk removal mission. The project's goal is to return two defunct satellites...
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Flicker from the dark: Reading between the lines to model our galaxy's central black hole
 Appearances can be deceiving. An incandescent bulb's light appears constant, but it flickers 120 times per second. Because the brain on...
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An otherwise quiet galaxy in the early universe is spewing star stuff
 Astronomers were surprised to see hot gas pushed so far from the galaxy's core. Cooler gas (red) extends farther than stars and hot gas...
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Ancient meteorite upends our ideas of how Mars formed
  Mars as captured by the Mars Global Surveyor probe's camera NASA/JPL/MSSS Early Mars may have obtained essential volatile components l...
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According to a project researcher, China's 'alien' signal was almost certainly caused by humans.
The erroneous signals were discovered by China's massive FAST telescope, the world's largest radio telescope.  (Image credit Xinhua/...
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The science of the solar system is linked to colossal collisions.
 A new study reveals a deep connection between some of the universe's largest, most energetic events and much smaller, weaker ones powe...
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Neutrinos trace the sun has more carbon and nitrogen than formerly thought
After many years of debate, scientists have become toward identifying precisely what the sun — and as a result, the entire universe — is mad...
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A fast radio burst, a space solar station and black holes
  Artist's illustration of a magnetar, a neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field that emits radio waves (red). Magnetars ar...
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NASA TROPICS cubesat launch by Astra fails
ARCADIA, CA - The Astra launch of two NASA CubeSats to monitor tropical storms on June 12 failed when the rocket's upper stage premat...
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Astronomers may have discovered a 'dark' floating black hole
Black holes are, by their nature, invisible unless they are part of a stellar binary or surrounded by an accretion disk.  Most stellar-size...
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