Body odor: People "click" more when their body odor matches.
  Body odor similarity predicted whether two strangers would hit it off with same-sex friends who reported strong connections when they fir...
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Developmental dyslexia is critical to human adaptive success.
 According to researchers, people with developmental dyslexia have specific strengths related to exploring the unknown that have contribute...
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Young women’s psychological distress increases when they change their identity away from the heterosexual norm
  According to new research, changes in sexual identity are associated with increased psychological distress in young women. However, accord...
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Narcissism and psychopathy are linked to heightened sexual self-esteem and lower levels of sexual anxiety
  The Dark Triad characteristics are commonly regarded as overwhelmingly negative, but could they have a positive impact on people's sex...
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Study reveals that a lower than expected percentage of research in psychology is truly multidisciplinary
  Academic work that brings together specialists from many professions who combine knowledge to work on a particular topic has been encourag...
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How the emotional climate between mothers and their children helps adolescents cope with stress
adolescents stress The transition to middle school can be a stressful time for teens . They must adapt to the new peer group and social envi...
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A new study reveals that dreams and nightmares may be an early warning sign of Parkinson's disease
Every night when we go to sleep, we spend a few hours in a virtual world developed by our brains where we are the main protagonist of an unf...
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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of genes essential for brain development
Scientists are learning more about a type of gene that, unlike other genes , does not code for proteins - the building blocks of life. The ...
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Everyone maps numbers in space. But why don’t we all use the same directions?
 Numbers and time run left to right for Westerners. Any direction will be enough for some Bolivians. Humans have a proclivity for mapping ab...
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Nostalgia may have bona fide benefits in hard times, like the pandemic
 Researchers want to develop therapies that elicit specific memories in order to improve mental wellness. People who are lonely are generall...
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