What does the recent US Supreme Court decision on carbon emissions mean?
  The US Supreme Court has ruled in a major environmental case to limit the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Here'...
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Is artificial intelligence good or bad for the climate? It's complicated.
 A new framework for understanding and shaping the effects of AI on greenhouse gas emissions. Will the increasingly widespread use of artifi...
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The most recent earthquakes in West Texas have been linked to oil and gas activity.
Researchers investigated the relationship between earthquakes and oil and gas production activities in Texas and New Mexico's Delaware B...
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Impact of waste on environment and human health
For a long time, the waste that humans generate has been harmful to our environment . Humans produce far too much garbage and are incapable...
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Viruses survive in fresh water by ' hitchhiking ' on plastic, according to a new study.
  Researchers discovered that dangerous viruses can survive in fresh water for up to three days by hitchhiking on plastic . Human enteric,...
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Intensive farming may actually reduce the risk of pandemics.
 Scientists assess the evidence that intensive livestock farming causes pandemics and discover that intensive farming may actually reduce...
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Climate change is negatively affecting bumble bees.
Temperature changes have harmed the majority of bumble bee species over the last 120 years, according to new research published this week i...
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Organic farming has many benefits over traditional farming methods.
Organic farming definition Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on natural processes, rather than the use of synthetic inp...
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US military wants to build a fake coral reef to protect bases from storms
Military bases could be protected by artificial reefs. DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. US Army funds research to dev...
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Invasive species are taking over some American forests
A new botanical survey in southwestern Ohio has found that invasive species introduced to the United States last century crowded out a ret...
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How much spring nitrogen to apply? Weather before planting may provide an idea
With the rising cost of nitrogen fertilizers and their impact on air and water quality, University of Illinois researchers want to help fa...
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