Ghost DNA from hybrid coyotes may be able to save endangered red wolves.
 A hidden reservoir of red wolf DNA has been discovered in coyotes in southwestern Louisiana, which could be used to help the endangered wo...
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A softer form of CRISPR may be able to edit genes more precisely.
 Off-target mutations can occur with CRISPR gene editing, but this appears to be less common with an enzyme that cuts one of the DNA stran...
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Ice Age wolf DNA reveals that dogs descended from 2 separate wolf populations.
  An international team of geneticists and archaeologists led by the Francis Crick Institute discovered that dogs' ancestors can be tra...
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Scientists unravel genetic mystery of rare neurodevelopmental disorder, providing definitive diagnoses for 21 families worldwide
  15 more genetic variants in the KCNK9 gene that cause a neurodevelopmental disease have been uncovered by a joint team of scientists led b...
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Pediatric T-acute leukemia now has a new successful combination therapy.
 The most common cancer in children is acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). T-ALL leukemia , which emerges from early T lineage cells, has a ...
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New study offers a 'big picture' of Europe's genetic landscape
  genetic landscape A new study from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences examining population genetics across Europe has looked...
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Decoding a key cell component atom by atom
Decoding a key cell Whatever you're doing, whether you're driving a car, walking, or even at your laziest, eating potato chips and w...
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One in 500 men carries an extra sex chromosome, putting them at risk of many common diseases
About one in 500 men can carry an extra X or Y chromosome - most of them unaware - putting them at increased risk for diseases such as typ...
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CRISPR's limits for resurrecting species are demonstrated by an extinct rat.
A study reveals that even a few missing genes in animals' re-created genomes could be an issue.  In the early 1900s, the Christmas Islan...
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