Dogs descended from two ancient wolf populations.
 According to a study that examined DNA from 72 ancient wolves dating back 100,000 years, modern dogs have ancestors from wolves in Asia and...
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Ice Age wolf DNA reveals that dogs descended from 2 separate wolf populations.
  An international team of geneticists and archaeologists led by the Francis Crick Institute discovered that dogs' ancestors can be tra...
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Sacrificial altar among 13,000 relics unearthed at Sanxingdui archaeological site in China
 Archaeologists in southwest China discovered a treasure trove of 13,000 relics dating back over 3,000 years, including a turtle shell-shape...
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UK's earliest hand axes were made by ancient humans 560,000 years ago
 Homo heidelbergensis, an early human species, may have crafted the stone tools discovered at Fordwich, Canterbury. It has been determined t...
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The Canine Family Tree in America
  (Photo courtesy of the Center for American Archeology/Del Baston) Koster, Illinois, ancient dog skeleton The fate of the indigenous dogs o...
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Roman graffiti leaves no doubt about how one soldier felt about the other  .
A stone with a carved penis and an explicit insult was recently discovered near the Scottish-British border along with Hadrian's Wall ex...
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 A stress protein in fibroblasts may be a good target for future cancer drugs
The ATF4 protein acts in tumor s and tumor-supporting fibroblasts to promote tumor survival A study led by researchers at the university&#3...
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How Species Form: What the Intertwined History of the Polar Bear and the Brown Bear Tells Us
 A new study offers a more detailed look at the evolutionary histories of polar bears and brown bears. The fact that these animals became se...
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The world's oldest pants sewed together Asian cultures (  3,000-year-old )
 Versace, step aside. These 3,000-year-old pants were fashionable, practical, and multicultural. According to researchers, this 3,000-year-o...
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The first human genome from Pompeii has been sequenced.
 Scientists from the United States, Italy, Denmark, and Brazil have successfully sequenced the genome of a 35-40-year-old male who died when...
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Archaeologists discover an ancient Mayan city at a construction site in Mexico
  Archaeologists discover an ancient Mayan city at a construction site in Mexico The city, which is built in the Mayan Puuc style, is though...
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