Why does Instagram now want to know your birthday against you?

 Why does Instagram now want to know your birthday against you?


Are you getting a popup on Instagram asking you to tell the app your birthday? 

If yes, then you are not alone as many users on the internet have reported that Instagram is asking users for their birthday; To put it succinctly, the photo-sharing app owned by Meta forces users to enter their date of birth. And Instagram has a reason to do so.

- This is why Instagram asks about your birthday

Instagram wants to reduce the number of minor users under the age of 13, so it asks users for their date of birth. 

If you remember, Instagram never forced users to put their date of birth when registering with the app, allowing users under the age of 13 to register. 

About eight months ago, though, Instagram made age-verification mandatory, and now it's getting stricter about it.

It seems like a good move to make the app safe for kids as the app says: "Before you can continue to use Instagram, you must provide your date of birth, even if this account is for something like a company or a pet. This helps us protect the youth of our community. 

We will also use the date of your birth." Your birthday to help personalize your experience, including ads. It will not be part of your public profile."

Instagram uses Facebook data to verify a user's age

Also, it is now not possible to bypass age verification because Instagram uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect fake birthdays. 

Meta-owned photo-sharing app says it uses users' Facebook data to match the date of birth the user has entered, and the user will only be able to register if the date of birth matches the date of birth of the data from Facebook.


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