A fugitive Alabama inmate and corrections official were caught in Indiana

 A fugitive Alabama inmate and corrections officers were caught in Indiana

A fugitive Alabama inmate Indiana
A fugitive Alabama inmate and corrections official were caught in Indiana

According to an Alabama sheriff, Casey White, an escaped inmate, and Vicky White, a former jail officer, were apprehended in Indiana on Monday.

The two fugitives were apprehended near Evansville, Indiana, after a chase with US Marshals, according to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton. Casey White was being pursued by marshals when his truck crashed and he surrendered, according to the sheriff. Vicky White was brought to the hospital for treatment.

''Casey White and Vicky White have been arrested, according to Singleton. "A very long, demanding, and challenging week and a half has come to a conclusion." It came to a predictable conclusion. They've been taken into custody."

Vicky White, the assistant director of corrections for the Lauderdale County jail, assisted Casey White, who was awaiting trial in a capital murder case, escape on April 29. The two have been the subject of a nationwide manhunt since then. Vicky White told coworkers she was taking the inmate from the jail to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation, but the two instead left.

The vehicle was discovered today in Evansville, Indiana, after US Marshals received a tip on Sunday that the 2006 Ford F-150 pickup had been discovered at a local car wash, according to the Marshals Service. Officials said surveillance photographs showed a man who looked quite similar to Casey White departing the vehicle at the car wash.

Vicky Sue White was charged on May 2 with permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree, according to the Marshals Service.

Casey White also threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and sister in 2015, and claimed, "that he wanted cops to kill him," according to the Marshals Service. Investigators stated that they have spoken with them about the threats and are taking precautions to protect their safety.

According to The Associated Press, investigators suspect the pickup vehicle was stolen in Tennessee and then driven about 175 miles to Evansville. The official could not speak publicly about the probe and spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.


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