Which Position Is Best to Sleep In, According to Science


Which Position Is Best to Sleep In

Even if you go to bed at different times every night, chances are you sleep in the same position every time. Although your favored sleeping position can provide you with comfort, it may also result in health problems such as snoring or discomfort in various regions of your body.

1. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back

While resting on your back may help you keep your skin wrinkle-free for longer, it's not the best position to be in if you have low back discomfort because it can aggravate the problem. 

Sleeping on your back, on the other hand, may not be the best position if your partner complains about snoring, as it may aggravate your sleep apnea.

However, if you've ever awoken with nagging neck pain, sleeping on your back may be beneficial because it puts your head, neck, and spine in a neutral posture, preventing achy neck symptoms. 

Sleeping on your back is also not advised for pregnant women since it may hinder blood and oxygen supply to the fetus.

2. Sleeping on your left side

Sleeping on your left side

Staying hydrated and eating a high-fiber diet can aid with digestion, and sleeping on your left side can help with bowel control. 

Gravity supports proper bowel movements when you sleep on your left side, making it easier to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. 

Sleeping on your left side is regarded to be the most advantageous to your health and can provide relief from back discomfort, in addition to reducing constipation.

3. Sleeping on your right side

Sleeping on your right side

If you frequently feel your heart race, cutting back on caffeine and finding a healthy approach to cope with stress is the best course of action. 

Sleeping on your right side, in addition to these lifestyle modifications, can be good for your heart.

Sleeping on your right side may help you avoid heart failure and other heart-related problems.

4. Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach

While sleeping on your stomach can help you stop snoring, it has a lot of disadvantages when compared to other sleeping positions. 

Stomach sleeping can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as premature aging of the skin, because it disrupts the neutral position of your spine.

What is your preferred sleeping position? Have you ever tried to change it for your own health's sake?


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