What is a NAS network storage device , what do you need, and how do you choose the best one for you?

 What is a NAS network storage device, what do you need, and how do you choose the best one for you?

Normal storage and hard drives will become a thing of the past, especially after the terrible development that we see around us, and today we are going to talk about the modern NAS storage device and mention the most important details about it and how to choose the best NAS storage device for you.

1- What is a NAS network storage device?

If you need additional storage space, the NAS network storage device is the most appropriate solution, and you will not face any problems, just connect the device to the Internet and increase the storage size in your computer.

 You can approximate the idea of ​​the device as a normal hard drive, but instead of connecting it directly to the motherboard or computer, you connect it With the router, it will serve as cloud storage, but with huge features and sizes.

2- What do you need a NAS storage device for?

A NAS device needs to save your files as a cloud storage platform with which you can quickly share files or use it as a cloud server and securely back up your files and system away from ransomware and crypto viruses.

3- How do you choose the best NAS storage device for you?

If you are using large storage and volumes over 200Gb then the best option is to buy a NAS device in terms of costs and storage size. But initially let us point out that there is no better storage device that suits you and your needs, and there are points to consider before purchasing NAS storage.

1- Type of use:

 The nature of your business and the amount of storage you need determines, will you need it for personal and family use? Or to run servers and save data for a company, for example, to say that you need your own NAS device, you will not need high specifications, as a device with a small size and with two storage disks is sufficient for you.

2- Supported software:

The operating system supported by a NAS device is very important, there are types of devices whose system is very similar to Windows and Linux systems with many tools and features, and there are devices that run only with lines of code with a complex user interface.

3- Security Level:

Security is very important to you when it comes to your data and files, always try to choose a NAS device that meets the highest levels of protection available.

4- Your budget:

Certainly, and the most important thing, after determining all of the above and the type of your uses, you must take into account the size of your budget and the cost of the device for you.

Finally, this is the most important information about the NAS network storage device, which represents a leap in the field of storing and storing files, and we mentioned the most important criteria that will help you determine your choice.


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