Mistakes that most Facebook advertisers make to avoid so that you are not one of them

 Mistakes that most Facebook advertisers make to avoid so that you are not one of them

Many people find it very difficult to create advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform, as they often do not succeed in that, some of them find that the campaign spends huge sums of money without achieving the desired results, and some of them begin to find themselves confused as to what to do now.

Mistakes that most Facebook advertisers make to avoid so that you are not one of them

Well, we have the solution now. In this article, we will explain how to create an ad on Facebook that achieves crazy and wonderful results.

1) What is your purpose for advertising?

First answer this question, as this may be the reason why all your campaigns fail and do not achieve their goals.

Your goal in the Facebook advertising campaign should be to attract people to enlarge your Facebook page, enlarge your YouTube channel, attract visitors to your website, or even sell courses and courses and sell cheap things whose price does not exceed $100.

If you are advertising for a tourist agency, for example, and you are looking for people to travel through your agency, stop immediately, but ask yourself, will just an advertisement on Facebook make you go on a tourist trip? of course not.

People search Google for such things. Open a website and write an article about your agency and promote it. You will get customers and the result you want, of course. As for Facebook, most likely increase the number of likes on your page to get your agency on social prove

Now that you have read this section, if you are still sure that Facebook ads are the most appropriate for you, please come with us to complete the rest of the article.

2) Create a professional post first.

Your ad will be seen by thousands of people so make sure you make it cool and avoid making them feel disgusted just by seeing your ad. In order to achieve this, I will provide you with tips to make sure that they are present in your ad:

• Make the photo attractive.

• Use vector images.

• In the publication make sure to attract the attention of the reader first use words such as look ... ect

• Use emoji a lot, as well as arcs and strange signs inside the post.

• Try to play with the reader's feelings, whether provoke him or make him feel nostalgic.

3) Gather some likes and comments on the post first.

This is self-evident, but it is hidden from the largest marketers on the Internet sometimes. We must bring in some likes to activate the social proof effect. This effect is known as a social phenomenon in which people are affected and push them to imitate each other. If you notice yourself while browsing when you find a post or video It has a lot of likes, you are curious to see what exactly is in it and interact with the post.

The same thing that we want to apply to our publication, so the first step is to bring interactions to the publication, even if it is fake. We used sites for that such as timezone or addmefast. After we get a significant number of likes, 300 or 400, as well as some comments, we have achieved additional points for the success of our ad.

4) Divide your budget, do not be reckless and regret it.

What we mean by this element is a common mistake that many who do advertising campaigns make, which is to put all the budget in one ad, and my friend, you will not get great results once you pay a lot of money, so do not risk destroying the budget of a week of ads in just one day.

The Facebook advertising algorithm literally implements what you ask of it. If I tell it I want to spend $100 for a day on this ad, $100 will be spent regardless of the results you achieve.

I invite you to copy the ad campaign and create more than one ad, each ad for $5 per day. This way, believe me, you will get very great results at a lower price than spending all the budget on one ad.


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