Best Chrome Extension to Open and Run Instagram on PC

Open and run Instagram on the computer

A Chrome extension that allows you to post photos, videos, stories, carousels and reels to Instagram from your desktop, schedule posts, upload video covers, find relevant hashtags and more.

How does the Insist plugin work?

Inssist is a Chrome extension that turns your Instagram website into a mobile view as if you were using it on your mobile web browser.

This allows posting stories, videos, IGTVs, reels, sending direct messages, and a host of other features now available by default on the desktop. The plugin also fixes a lot of annoying bugs and improves usability.

Inssist works without having to know your Instagram password does not spy and does not transfer any data away from your computer.

What can the Insist plugin do?

 Free Features

  • Post photos, videos, stories and IGTVs from your PC/Mac
  • Inssist is the only app that allows posting Instagram videos and stories from your desktop without sharing Instagram passwords with a third-party app.
  • To post a photo, video, story or IGTV, install the Chrome website plugin and click the Plus button at the bottom of the phone window. Select a photo or video from your computer, enter the optional caption, location, and tags and hit Share.
  • Please note that some features such as GIFs, music and tags to video stories are not yet supported by the Instagram Web API and therefore not available on Inssist.
  • Find Related Hashtags
  • When you create a new post, Inssist will automatically suggest you up to 30# hashtags related to the one you entered in the post caption. You can add #suggested hashtags to your post with one click.
  • The Hashtag Assistant module allows you to search for related hashtags easily and allows the creation of powerful hashtag groups.
  • Dark, Wide and Zen modes
  • If you are a fan of Dark Mode, Inssist has one of the best Dark Mode apps for Instagram. If not, you can always switch back to Light.
  • The same goes for widescreen support. Browsing photos in a small frame can become awkward on a wide computer screen, so there is an option to fix that.
  • Finally, Zen Mode makes your home's feed look less cluttered and more elegant. check it out!
  • Multi-account support
  • Connect as many accounts as you want to Inssist and switch between them with one click.

Paid Features

  • Paid features are available with an optional PRO version. You can subscribe to PRO and support development directly from the Inssist plugin. Subscriptions are managed securely.
  • scheduling
  • Inssist supports scheduling posts on Instagram with advanced features like bulk upload, calendar publishing, time slots, drag and drop support, Facebook Page Cross-Posting, CSV-supported scheduling, and more.
  • You can schedule photo, video, and even rotating (multi-image) posts with Inssist. Once scheduled, posts will be delivered automatically. You don't need to keep Inssist open until posts have been delivered.
  • Post reels and choose video covers
  • With Inssist PRO you can post reels to Instagram from your desktop! You can also select video covers for your videos which makes a perfect Instagram profile.


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