I'm 24 years old still living with my mom and dad along with my two younger siblings. my parents bought a new house in March just around the time coronavirus really started to be taken seriously around me and Quarantine started so we were in the unpacking and settling in phase during all this my room is actually in the basement which I don't mind it's farthest away from my parent's room it's technically just an extra room in the house not really meant to be a bedroom but we made it one plus my parents figure I'm gonna be moving 

out soon so why give me one of the better rooms in the house the basement in this house is huge it's really cool and I get to feel like it's kind of my own basement in a way because of my room but right off the bat moving here weird things would happen inside my room mostly at night, I'd hear strange sounds inside the walls, I knocked on the wall and it seemed to be Hollow there's a vent in the room I thought maybe there was an animal in the vents I used my iPhone flashlight to get a look inside but I couldn't really see anything whatever house noises I figured if it persisted I would tell my dad to look into it, I set up my Xbox on the basement TV in fact I usually just chill in the basement instead of my room I used the 50-inch TV my dad set up down there one night on the first week in the house I

was playing war zone on my Xbox when I heard this distinct sound come from the side of the basement where my room was it was muffled by a wall which led me to believe it came from my room I went to quickly check inside my room and it was empty I hurried back to my game so that I wouldn't die but to best describe the

the  noise I heard it sounded like a heavy glass object being placed on a table or something I figured it probably came from upstairs

literally the next night I woke to some weird muffled thumps I couldn't tell if it was above my room or to the side of my room I took my phone again and went to the air vents but once again even with the light, I couldn't see anything in there I was starting to worry a small animal might be in the vents or living inside the walls and it brought it to my dad's attention who told me to let him know if it persisted and he told me to try to record the sounds if possible so a few nights later I woke up at 4 in the morning feeling extremely thirsty my trusty bedside water bottle was empty that night so I had to go upstairs to get a refill on my way back downstairs from the kitchen after refilling the bottle I stopped mid staircase in the dark thinking I heard something from the basement and II I said very quietly wondering if my brother was hiding down there I whipped out my phone to use the flashlight again as I finished my descent down the stairs I had a quick look around the basement just for peace of mind and when I found it was clear I went back to my room to hit the hay as I placed my water bottle on the ledge above my bed, something in my gut told me to just look at that little vent in the wall one more time so I shined the light in that direction and even though it was only for like half a second I knew what I saw there was someone looking through the holes in the vent for just a brief moment I saw their eyes clear as day but they moved away just as light revealed them what did I do you probably hope I ran to the vents I get a look inside and see who was in there but no instead I screamed like a girl as I ran all the way back upstairs yelling for my dad like a child my whole family came down the stairs to my room I brought them to the fence in my room and shine the light in it again my dad took a look of course there was no one in sight now I'm not even lying when I say my mom and dad told me the cliche I was seeing things because I hadn't got enough sleep and I was tired I didn't buy it I wasn't sleeping there that night I slept in the living room and not the basement door that night the basement door only has a lock on it because we have an outdoor entrance to the basement so it serves as an extra small layer of security for break-ins I guess well the next day when I went down to the basement I made a shocking discovery there was some kind of secret door in the wall that was left open I immediately called my dad down and he went inside of it together there was a blanket on the floor of this little hidden room along with a small wooden stool like thing and if he walked down this ever so tiny corridor you'd come to the 


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