Call Recorder - Best Call Recording application for Android in 2021

Best call recording software 2021

If you are looking for a call recording program or download a call recorder, we will offer you the best call recording application.

But what you should be aware of is that Google is very keen on call recording software because there are many Android apps that have taken advantage of this feature to spy on other people's calls and it has caused many problems over the past few years.

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As these apps were allowing to sync all the recordings remotely with a different electronic account so that all the calls of the victim could easily be eavesdropped on without knowing, so we decided to review the best free call recording software for Android for you.

Which still has a good reputation and good reviews on the store through 2021, and we advise you to try some of them until you find what suits you naturally. phone calls.

List of  Top 10 Call Recorder Software for Android in 2021

1. Automatic Call Recorder is the best call recording software of 2021

Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most popular, widespread and reliable call recording applications that allows you to record calls and keep only what you want from them.

Although it has been severely damaged in the rankings level on the Google Play Store due to the new policies that Google has imposed on modern Android platforms.

Many users thought that it was an incompetent application that does not do its job, but in fact it is quite the opposite because it works very normally and performs all its functions optimally in call recording.

But you may run into a problem if you have Android version 9 or later, the app has the ability to sync recordings with Google Drive or Dropbox so you can go back to them at any time.

The app is free but it offers many additional paid features that are worth looking into carefully, but you can count on the free version first until you are sure that it can record calls on your system which is what the developer himself advises.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder App:

  • Automatic call recording.
  • It allows you to set which calls are recorded or ignored by whitelisting or blacklisting.
  • Recordings can be kept on the SD card.

2. Call Recorder is the best two-way call recording software

Can Record All Calls on Android Developed by Recording All Calls on Android Developed by Recording all incoming phone calls with high sound quality automatically.

Keeping it on the SD card memory, the application is easy to use and has the ability to set calls that are whitelisted or ignored or because it allows you to record with high quality and clear sound, manage and organize all your recordings or add notes and share Zam.

All call recording apps allow you to secure your calls and emails to keep them electronically. You can even set the conversations you want if you keep them on your chat list.

Features of Call Recorder app:

  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Manage and organize all recordings
  • Play recorded voice conversations
  • Delete recorded voice conversations

3. Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox Call Recorder is perhaps one of the most popular call recording apps that we have used, depend on and really trust.

Its success rate on your phone for call recording can be quite high, so we advise you to include it in your list of apps worth trying first.

The application is very basic and professional to the max as it allows you to record incoming and outgoing phone calls with support for backup on your personal accounts on cloud services and advanced settings for audio recording quality options.

There are additional security features and dual SIM support and it has an easy and clean interface, all its settings can be customized very easily, the app is free for a limited time but the monthly subscription is a bit high.

But this is against the exclusive features that are unique to any other call recorder. It is indeed a professional application that enables automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls and contains the latest call recording technology available. It offers many great advantages of recording and storing conversations methods.

Blackbox Call Recorder app features:

  • Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Possibility to transfer recordings to any other phone
  • Download recordings to PC
  • Share recordings via SMS or Facebook and Twitter
  • Play recordings in the background

4. Boldbeast Call Recorder is the best free call recording software for Android 10

If you want to know more, Boldbeast Call Recorder is a free app that is ad-free but there is another great fee in the paid version of around $10.

The price is right for the app on your phone. Playstation Go Store "The experience is better" probably in the cost of registering in recent versions. 

The application is intelligently capable of repairing damaged recordings, copying, copying on cloud services and many more nice things that make it worthy of the example followed by a group of aThey are its features.

Features of the Coldbeast Call Recorder app:

  • Ad-free in the free version
  • Save the recordings to a file of your choice SD Card
  • Synchronize recordings on your online accounts

5. Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic is great and most of all it's honest and straightforward and doesn't prepare you as much as Call Recorder Automatic asks you.

Activate the loudspeaker during your incoming and outgoing phone calls so that it can record the sound of the conversation well if the loudspeaker is not activated.

It is likely that only you and your voice will be recorded. The application is easy and simple, has an intuitive and uncomplicated interface and works well with most Android smartphones.

Also, through it, you can record all calls and then organize and share them or keep them on the phone memory, and the application also allows automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

You can customize the phone calls you want to record by choosing the incoming, outgoing, or both phone calls to record and the conversations you want to keep.

You can even sort the recordings by names, groups or date with the ability to automatically detect identity y anonymous callers at the end is a simple and basic application and may come with its benefits with many phones, so we also advise you to try it in the list.

Features of Call Recorder Automatic app:

  • Automatic recorder for all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Easily manage all recordings
  • Play or share recordings
  • Automatic detection of unknown callers

6. Cube Call Recorder is the best messaging call recording software

Cube Call Recorder is technically one of the best call recording apps, and if it works on your phone, you're really in luck.

It not only takes care of recording incoming and outgoing calls but also VOIP calls on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Telegram and many more applications, calling and chatting platforms.

The app has many great features, starting from ease of use, quality of audio recordings, and recording conversations automatically as soon as the phone call starts.

The ability to choose specific contacts to record their conversations, and an ignore list feature to exclude contacts with whom you don't want to record your conversations, the comprehensive Cube Call Recorder app allows you to quickly manage, play and delete your recordings and export to cloud services or share them.

Features of the Cup Call Recorder app:

  • You can create a list of people you want to record your conversations with
  • You can only record your specific conversations
  • Allows you to highlight and quickly access important recorded conversations

7. Otter Voice Notes App

Otter Voice Notes is a free call recording app, but the paid version costs about $5 per quarter.

It is basically a transcription and archiving service for the voice notes that you take while you are in business meetings or any other situation so that it is easy to get back to them while not recording phone calls like other call recording apps.

It can be relied upon to export your phone call recordings to it for listening or organize and arrange it well, in short, it is the only right place to live all your recordings and notes.

It allows you to log 600 minutes for free on a monthly basis and this way you will be assured of logging all the events and conversations that happen under your meetings.

Features of Otter Voice Notes App:

  • Many features of recording attendance and meetings
  • Ability to share recordings
  • Search and listen to the recordings
  • Edit recordings and correct any errors
  • Export and listen to many audio file formats with it

8. Smart Recorder by SmartMob

Free and easy-to-use app specially developed for high-quality audio recording function on Android phones.

You can count on it running in the background all the time. It will automatically cut silences from recordings very smartly. The app has over 4 million reviews on the Google Play Store.

Most of its reviews are positive with over 40 million downloads since 2012 and the ability to record phone calls, although it wasn't specifically designed for this purpose it does.

This function is very cool, Smart Recorder is an honest and truthful application because it will tell you that some phone manufacturers or even the Android system itself prevent the ability to record phone calls.

Especially the conversation that originates from the other party for privacy, security or even legal reasons, so the app pauses recording during phone calls.

Features of Smart Recorder by SmartMob app:

  • Option for automatic and manual control to bypass silence mode
  • Save, pause, resume or cancel control of the recording process
  • Battery friendly and efficient app
  • Provides limited recording time based on available storage capacity

9. Smart Voice Recorder

 Smart Voice Recorder is a straightforward application because it shows you that you are able to record yourself in different situations such as musicians who want to hear their singing, journalists while recording interviews and conversations.

Record your voice while you sleep, but he did not talk about the feature of recording phone calls with other contacts, of course, it is a voice recording application that relies on the feature that is included in all Android phones to record and save audio in pure and high quality where you can record many notes, voice memos, business meetings, press interviews.

Smart Voice Recorder app features:

  • Ability to customize and modify the audio recordings folder
  • Support mono and stereo audio recording
  • Allows the ability to rename or delete a recording from within the app
  • Allows to set recordings as ringtone or alarm notification sound

10. Voice Recorder by Splend Apps

 Voice Recorder comes with Voice Recorder which is a free full-featured call recording app beautifully designed, intuitive and easy to use.

It gives you high-quality audio recordings of all incoming and outgoing phone calls and is not limited to any period of time except for the size of the SD card memory on your phone but it is not only for call recording.

Application features:

  • Ability to adjust audio bit rate from 32 bits to 320 bits per second
  • Live audio spectrum analyzer
  • Recording in the background even when the screen is off
  • Customizable recording folder

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