Best Free Alternatives to Audacity

 Audacity, popular open-source desktop software for audio editing. Lots of criticism from users on Github, Reddit and Twitter due to the controversial new privacy policy.

 The Muse Group acquired Audacity's new privacy policy in May, which is questionable and goes against the spirit of the open-source ecosystem.

Best free professional audio editing software

 Best Free Alternatives to Audacity for Windows, Mac and Android for Professional Audio Recording and Editing

Audacity 2.4.2 is the last known version before the controversial update which you can download from Softonic and Fosshub.

The best alternative to Audacity

1. Dark Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source that allows developers to create their own versions of the program, and Dark Audacity is one of them. In simple words, Dark Audacity is Audacity in dark mode but without privacy tracking. You can record sounds, edit audio files, and apply sound effects to your projects with ease.

 It comes in a dark user interface that is similar to that of the official Odyssey program. Since it is dedicated software, you don't have to worry about your data being tracked like the official version. The only drawback of this program is that it is not available for macOS. However, the next program on the list supports both Windows and Mac.

Dark Audacity

2. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is an alternative to Audacity that is free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It looks similar to Audacity but is a bit basic.

In terms of features, it offers a real-time preview of the effects which means you can adjust the effects and hear the changes while pressing the sliders. You can select multiple parts of the project and apply effects, edit, crop, etc.

Popular Audacity features like noise reduction and balance are all present in Ocenaudio. To download it:

 Ocenaudio for Windows | Oceanaudio for Mac

3. Bear Audio

If you are looking for an Audacity alternative but aren't a power user, give Bear Audio a try. It is an online audio editor that can cut, crop, merge and split your audio files.

 You can also record your files directly to the online editor without software. However, unlike Audacity, there are no great tools like audio normalization, adding effects, multi-track timeline, etc.

 Bear Audio is a great tool if you just need a simple and fast audio editor. We can consider it as one of the best simple and safe Audacity alternatives.

Bear Audio

4. WavePad

If you are an Audacity user and are looking for an alternative to this program, try WavePad. It is a complete audio editing software that provides features like multi-track editing, spectroscopy, noise removal, noise removal, etc. You can apply effects like amplification, normalization, balancing, and more.

 Not to mention the standard trimming, cropping, merging, splitting, etc., WavePad supports a large number of audio formats, supports audio cleaning and searching for a specific part in the audio.

This alternative software also includes a huge library of sound effects to apply to your audio tracks freely. WavePad is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. You can get it for free but there is also a paid version that gives you access to the full SFX library.

Link from here: Windows | Mac

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