10 steps to earn money as a graphic designer for beginners

10 steps to earn money as a graphic designer for beginners

Working on the intranet is more realistic than ever, so we've found that people have made the internet a reason to live and earn money as a graphic

Many people have now found working on the Internet dozens of times better than working on the ground, due to the fantastic amounts they make on the one hand and the ease of work on the other hand, as well as the secrecy and the matter, may be found.

5 steps to earn money as a graphic designer for beginners

Designing images Profit: Earn money as a graphic designer for beginners

 Start learning a specific image design software field such as image design and programming and watch online courses like KDB Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Merch Pine Amazon and other fields where people earn thousands of dollars while they are in bed.

If you devote most of your time to designing images, I promise that you will achieve respectable monthly amounts with ease.

 It is enough to work on it for a certain period and you will notice that the profits come to you every month without reworking because one design can be sold thousands of times.

The image design site is a store that sells designs such as logos, book covers, YouTube covers, Facebook covers, business cards, vectors, banners and other types of designs.

How to make money as a graphic design student

 With the ability to post video intros or various intros, but it provides the advantage of selling in and this is what my friend uses to make money from i

The 10 steps to earn money as a graphic designer for beginners : 

  1. First, you have to go to the site where you will find the registration link.
  2. Click on Sell your designs as they appear.
  3. After that, you fill in your personal information.
  4.  Publish and create designs by clicking Start from scratch.
  5. After that, you choose the type of design you want to publish.
  6. Choose what suits you and publish it with ease.
  7. You can publish thousands of designs daily without restriction.
  8. You will earn 1 dollar for photos and up to 2.5 dollars for some videos with each of the designs that you sold.
  9. You also notice how much you got by just posting some designs.
  10. As for the payment on the site, it pays you when you reach the minimum amount of $50. 

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