A new technology that allows humans to see in the dark

We wouldn't wear dark glasses as they would be the number one natural factor in the world, but it wouldn't be long before we would be tempted to do something similar with shadows. 

A team of scientists has developed a cloth that allows you to virtually check in the dark.

A new technology that allows humans to see in the dark

"We have made the invisible," says Dr. Rossio Camacho Morales of the Australian National University. Our technology allows infrared rays, normally invisible to the human eye, to be regenerated into images that anyone can see from any distance.

 What we've done is build a thin film of cut crystals at the nanoscale that has many times more factors than an individual's hair. Once placed on regular mugs as if filtered, it allows the USA to check-in in the dark.”

The crystal nanofilm does not require any reasonable power to control it, but the glasses do not seem to be completely lacking in the physical sciences. In order for the filter to appear, you must use a few optical devices such as those in the house indicators.

However, the distinction with current vision systems is critical. The available optical instrument indicator | far | Much smaller and consumes much less power, therefore it is often applied to standard glasses and you hardly notice the distinction in terms of weight and shape.

In this sense, the invention could not only be useful to the military or security forces. They will transform the lives of anyone a UN agency needs to work at night, from transport personnel to technical personnel in many industries.

says scholar Dragomir Neshev, director of the Center for Excellence in Transformed Systems and a faculty member at the Australian National University.

 "We realize that this discovery could forever modify the approach in which we have a tendency to perceive vision."

Currently, they are working on refining their technology to the max so that it is often created for everyday use.


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