Charging your phone with sound: This is Xiaomi's new technology

Every few years, technology leaves us with a new way to charge devices. A few years ago, communications and then Qi wireless charging were standardized. We are now faced with charging by a voice which Xiaomi already considers a real option.

Charging your phone with sound: This is Xiaomi's new technology

 Yes, you read what we wrote correctly, charging Xiaomi phones with sound. Unfortunately, it is not currently an off-the-shelf technology, but a patent filed by Xiaomi with ingenious charging technology.

The patent submitted by Xiaomi shows a very ingenious technology by which a mobile phone battery can be recharged through voice. 

Mobile phones with this technology should have a special sound-collecting mechanism, which will be able to convert the vibration of the surrounding sound into real energy to recharge it.

 It's a complicated process but one that Xiaomi is already working on. Of course, no one can confirm that it is a fact, because what we know at the moment is based on a patent.

Converting ambient sound to power is somewhat complicated, but it is much more than that when the system must take up minimal space to fit in a traditional smartphone.

 At the moment, we see that it is difficult for something like this to be released to the market soon, but without a doubt, it is a very interesting technology.

Using this technology does not relieve you of charging the device in the traditional way, but it can help to recharge the phone when you have ambient sounds.

 A system like the one suggested by Xiaomi should save quite a bit of power because it won't charge your phone as fast compared to a regular charger.

However, this type of technology is always well received and if Xiaomi continues to bet on it, we can see an official and real system in the future.

Would you like to see something like this on your Xiaomi mobile phone? Do you think voice charging makes sense?


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