Gmail App Generator : et more than 2000 emails from Gmail via your original email

 How many Gmail accounts can you create with one phone number and one IP address?

Whatever the reason, it's possible that at some point in your life you've wanted to have more than one Gmail account.

 Fortunately, this is a distinct possibility within Gmail. So this time, we will tell you how many Gmail accounts you can have with your phone number.

Gmail App Generator : et more than 2000 emails from Gmail via your original email

If you want to know how many Gmail emails you can get, you've come to the right place. Keep reading and you'll find out!

Google currently allows you to create up to four different accounts using the same computer IP address or phone number. That is, there can be no more than four Gmail accounts per IP address.

Of course, Google requires you to verify the account with a phone number to ensure proper use of this service. Likewise, you don't need a different browser for each email address because Gmail gives you the ability to change up to four accounts in the same browser.

 Without a doubt, this is a very reasonable number for traditional email users who need a maximum of one or two emails.

No matter what your needs are, you no longer need to create a bunch of different Gmail accounts. why? Because now there is a simple way to create an unlimited number of Gmail addresses and all you have to do is change your original wish.

Example: If your email is “”, you are also the owner of the addresses: “” and “AAA. This means that you can replace this part of the text with anything And you have addresses like "" or "" and others.

In this new topic on the Houhou Informatics blog, we will learn about a very small but wonderful and amazing tool in every sense of the word, as this tool allows you to get many emails on Gmail with the same original email that you use, and in order not to be complicated and incomprehensible, I will give you A small example of this tool.

 Let's think you have an email with the name BBB@gmail.

com, when you put it in the tool and apply the explanation, you will get more than 2000 different emails with the same email, and when you use those emails, any message related to these will reach you on the mail The original email, which is Finally, we will consider this tool as temporary mail sites, but it is better.

 Gmail App Generator This is the name of the tool I found while searching in the Google search engine, its size is 23 kilobytes, and it does not exceed a quarter of a megabyte, and now I leave you with an explanation of the tool with pictures.

The first thing you will do is download the tool from the link below the topic, then the tool will appear with you to open it.

Then the interface of the tool will appear with you in this way, you put your Gmail email in the first field without @ as in the following image.

Gmail App Generator : et more than 2000 emails from Gmail via your original email

And now you press the word Generate and then a message appears to you like this, you press Yes, then press Ok.

Gmail App Generator : et more than 2000 emails from Gmail via your original email

Finally, a text file will appear to you where the tool contains the emails, as in the following image, where the first email in the file will be your original email and the rest are the emails brought to you by the tool.

Download: Gmail App Generator


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