Rapidly growing 4 cm hair in 2 weeks - permanent hair growth

Rapidly growing 4 cm hair in 2 weeks - permanent hair growth

1- Wash hair with filtered water and avoid tap water

Never underestimate this point, as it is one of the most dangerous things that cause hair damage, severe dryness, and fibrosis. Regular bathing water (tap) is harmful by all standards, and it is assumed that it is not suitable for drinking or bathing, because it contains many impurities and elements harmful to the body, on top of which is chlorine.

  1. Chlorine damages to hair
  2. Strips hair of its natural oils
  3. Causes hair breakage and damage
  4. Reduces the percentage of keratin protein in the hair
  5. It hurts the scalp and causes dryness, dandruff, and inflammation
  6. It leads to dry hair and loss of hair
  7. It leads to hair loss and split ends and prevents hair from growing
  8. Alternatives to bathing water (shower)
  9. The suggested alternatives to regular bathing water are very easy and easily obtainable
  10. Isolate the hair from the shower water during the bath and wash the hair with a bottle of mineral water
  11. Fill bottles of filtered water at home and wash your hair with them at the time of the shower, as an alternative to ready mineral water
  12. Installing a filter (filter) on the showerhead to purify it

2- Stimulating hair follicles with a coffee mask or caffeine cream

Recent research has shown that adding coffee directly to the hair in the form of a mask has many benefits, as coffee contains a high percentage of caffeine, and caffeine, in turn, is a stimulant that works to alert the body in general. When caffeine is added to the scalp and hair follicles, caffeine stimulates the hair follicles, muscles, and blood vessels connected to them, and thus increases blood flow to the hair follicles, and this, in turn, stimulates the hair follicles to work faster.

  1. Caffeine benefits for hair
  2. Alert the hair muscles to work faster
  3. Stimulate the blood vessels in the head to pump more blood to the follicles
  4. Hair thickening and increasing its growth beyond the normal rate
  5. Extend your hair very quickly with long-term frequent use
There are two ways to add caffeine to hair, a natural method and the other with products. The difference between them is that the natural method is safer, but it takes a longer time for results to appear, and for products that contain caffeine, you must make sure to buy a good product free of synthetic materials that damage hair and cause it to fall out, and its results are faster than the natural method. We will now mention the best natural coffee masks for hair and the best products that contain caffeine.

3 best coffee masks for hair growth in one week

1- Mask of coffee and coconut oil to lengthen hair half a year in one week

When you continue to apply this mask once a week after showering, the results are amazing. The hair is lengthened with this mask beautifully and may reach half a year per week, provided that the rest of the steps involved in this topic are applied. Coconut oil is rich in elements necessary for hair growth and is one of the best moisturizing oils for hair, and when combined with coffee rich in caffeine, which stimulates hair growth, the results are amazing. Bring a spoonful of coconut oil with a tablespoon of plain (light or dark) coffee in a small bowl and beat them together until well combined. We massage the scalp with the mixture and also straighten the hair with it and leave it for an hour, then rinse it. The mask is applied after bathing (with filtered water of course) once a week.

2- Hair mask with coffee and olive oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is necessary to strengthen hair and maintain its health, and it also maintains the hair protein (keratin), which leads to healthy hair growth. Mix a spoonful of olive oil with a spoonful of coffee grounds in a small bowl, then apply it to the hair and massage the scalp with it. Once a week for 3 months, you can get amazing results in your hair.

3- A coffee mask with yogurt to soften and lengthen hair

In the event that you are complaining of dry, curly, not smooth hair, we recommend yogurt with coffee, coffee will help hair grow and lengthen, and yogurt works to nourish hair follicles, moisturize and soften hair. This mask is the best choice for dry hair. Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with a tablespoon of coffee, mix well, then spread it on the hair and massage the scalp. Also, the mask, for the appearance of satisfactory results, mask should be done once a week for a period of 3 to 6 months.


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