12 delicious recipes made in 5 minutes

Every woman wants to provide the most delicious food for her family, and there are those who are good and professional and others who do not possess the talent and may possess them, but time does not help her, so she often resorts to ordering ready food from outside.

But anymore, time will not be your problem, because we will present to you a list of 12 meals that require only a few minutes to prepare each of them .. so get to know them in the following to enjoy with your family the most delicious dishes.

1- pesto pasta with peas:

delicious recipes made in 5 minutes

This recipe is wonderful and simple, consisting of pasta, whole grains, pesto (basil), cream, peas, and cheese.
 Once the water boils to cook the pasta, add the rest of the ingredients, and everything is ready, and you can have it in just 8 minutes.

2- Grilled meat with sauteed vegetables:

delicious recipes made in 5 minutes

Also preparing roast meat is not difficult at all, as some think; It only takes minutes ranging from ten to fifteen, in the event that the meat is cut into thin slices, and as soon as you return from work, make the electric grillwork so that you can grill steaks while you change your clothes and take your bath so that the food is ready, and a plate of steamed vegetables or Sautéed and also it will only take eight minutes while cooking the meat, provided that the meat is seasoned before grilling the night or morning before you go to work.

3- crispy fried chicken:

delicious recipes made in 5 minutes

Preparing the crispy fried chicken only takes 1 minute to boil the oil and then 3 minutes to cook the chicken.
Bring it ready and fry it yourself, or prepare it at home, which is the best solution because it will only require flour, an egg or two eggs, and some herbs and spices on top of the salt and ground black pepper.


Allocate only half an hour at any time throughout the week and prepare an appropriate amount of chicken pieces corresponding to an appropriate amount of flour and what the crunchy chicken requires from ingredients to prepare, season the chicken pieces, cover them with flour, then put them in the freezer and consume them throughout the week or even a month, because in this way you will be guaranteed Saving time as well as the freezer preservation process makes the chicken very crunchy when frying.

4- Seafood salad with rice:

Seafood is one of the fastest foods to cook, just bring a package of seafood salad, which is very available in all supermarkets, and cook it quickly, while you prepare the rice, which takes 10 minutes to prepare from beginning to end, or less than 10 minutes.

What is most requested and prepared is the shrimp/shrimp, but in order to diversify and break the boredom, try a variety of seafood, as the cooking time is the same.

5- Tortilla wrap with chicken and tomatoes:

Once you have sliced ​​the tomatoes and green peppers very thinly, bring the tortilla loaves to fill them with tomatoes, peppers, and pieces of chicken, so the food is ready.

6- pasta with garlic and cheese:

This is a quick and easy recipe and the ingredients (pasta, minced garlic, cheddar cheese or mozzarella and some fresh herbs like parsley, basil, or thyme) or any other favorite herbs.

7- Sausage and Crunchy French Fries:

It is very easy to cook an amount of sausage, which takes only 5 minutes to serve along with an appropriate amount of crunchy french fries that everyone adores.

8- Kofta and Egyptian rice kofta:

Indeed, there is the hill kofta and also the rice kofta, both of which are very easy. The first is:
 (Hilla kofta) - it is minced meat mixed previously with spices and spices, one small onion chopped and some small pieces of soft bread soaked in water and then squeezed well to mix well with the meat to form in the form of fingers or even small balls and put the kofta in the cooking pot (the bowl with a little Ghee and two tablespoons of water) on low heat .. to cook within 5 minutes only, and there are women who like to add a tablespoon or two of tomato paste with a clove or two also of mashed garlic (the addition of garlic and tomato sauce occurs during cooking).

(Rice Kofta) - a popular Egyptian popular dish (consisting of rice, onions, chopped parsley and also meat, and spices to control the taste) and chop them all.

It can be placed in the refrigerator (the dough of the kofta is raw) or even it is a problem on the form of small, remote fingers as well, to cook the rice kofta by frying it in vegetable oil, and as soon as you return from work, heat the oil and fry it.

9- Fried fish and bread:

Fish are of very many types and methods of preparation are very many There is roast, oven, fried, and even steamed.
The way that a housewife can help at the time is fried fish, so when you return from work, bring fresh fish with you, and as soon as you arrive at home, wash it well and drain it, then pass it on the salt inside and outside and put in it some garlic mixed with your favorite spices and fry it, and it will only take 4 minutes, to eat A delicious and healthy fresh fish meal.

10- tortellini with peas and parmesan:

In fact, there is nothing easier than this recipe, you just need to take the tortellini and peas from the freezer and the butter and cheese from the refrigerator to prepare in five minutes.
Tortellini (a type of macaroon in the form of rings, also known as the belly button, because it resembles it and is often stuffed with meat or cheese).

11- gazpacho salad bowl:

You only need this salad to bring you one can of black beans and two types of chopped vegetables of your choice, and all of them mix together to have a delicious salad full of color and nutritional value.

12- Molokhia with shrimp:

Mallow with shrimp This variety is popular with residents of coastal cities in the Middle East.

On your way back from work, bring a package of shrimp and a package of mallow with you from the supermarket, provided that you have a quantity of previously prepared soup preserved in the freezer and you can also prepare it with instant broth, then cook the mallow in the boiling soup and add with it at the same time the shrimp/shrimp, and as soon as the mallow is boiled. It only takes 4 minutes your lunch is ready, and you will really enjoy it with the bread.

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