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Corona Path

Corona Path

The world is still holding its breath, with the continuous increase in the number of new coronavirus victims, with injuries and deaths, and record records every day in a number of countries.

In this report, "Sky News Arabia" monitors the latest figures and the latest developments regarding the spread of the "COVID 19" epidemic around the world:

Deaths around the world caused by the Coronavirus cross the 50,000 threshold.

- Corona injuries in Algeria reach 986, and 5 new deaths are recorded.

- Coronavirus deaths in New York State increased to 2,373 people, and infections reached 92,000.

- Official in the Sudanese Ministry of Health for Sky News Arabia: We have recorded 8 cases of coronavirus.

- Iranian parliament announces that its chief, Ali Larijani, has been infected with the Coruna virus.

- Egyptian Prime Minister: Next week is very important in terms of the need for citizens to adhere to measures of isolation and prevention in the face of the Coronavirus.

- Egyptian Prime Minister: According to the latest statistics, Egypt is still at the intermediate level regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, and we confirm the availability of goods in the country for a period of more than 3 months.

- Reuters from a source in the British government: expectations that the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Britain will rise to 50 thousand people, in case of non-compliance with the quarantine.

The death toll from coronavirus in Canada has risen to 127, and infections exceed 10100.

- Oil prices recorded a rise of 30 percent after Saudi Arabia called for an urgent meeting of OPEC countries and a group of other countries, in an attempt to reach an agreement that would rebalance the oil markets.

- 5 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Ramallah, and the number of Palestinians infected increased to 160.

- The Syrian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 6 new infections with the Coronavirus, bringing the total to 16 cases.

- Iraq recorded 44 new infections and two new deaths from the Coronavirus.

Singapore announced 49 new infections, bringing the total to 1049 cases.

- 33,718 cases of coronavirus in Britain and the number of deaths exceeded 2900.

- The Saudi Ministry of Health announced that it had infected 165 new coronaviruses, bringing the total number of cases to 1885, and the Saudi authorities prevented travel in Mecca and Medina over the course of 24 hours.

Morocco confirmed the death of a new case, and the total death toll has risen to 40.

- The number of people infected with the virus around the world reaches more than 950,000, of whom 200,000 have recovered.

- The number of deaths in Israel with the Coronavirus has risen to 33 after 7 new deaths were recorded.

The Netherlands recorded 166 new deaths and 1083 new injuries, bringing the total to 14,697 cases.
A statistic of "France Press" indicated that there are more than half a million confirmed cases of coronavirus in Europe.

Zambia records first death from coronavirus.

In Switzerland, there have been 432 deaths from the Coronavirus and 18,267 cases so far.

In Iran, the number of injured rose to more than 50 thousand cases and the number of deaths to 3160 people.

- In Spain, the HIV infection exceeded the 110,000 mark, with more than 10,000 deaths.

- Spain announced the death of 950 people with the Coronavirus on Wednesday, in the highest daily deaths so far.

- The number of deaths in Belgium due to the Coronavirus exceeds a thousand.

Lebanon recorded 15 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number to 494, with 4 new deaths, bringing the number of deaths to 16.

- 21 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Hebron, bringing the number of Palestinians infected to 155.

- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the registration of 25 new cases of coronavirus, raising the number of infections to 342.

- According to the Sky News Arabia correspondent, 5 new injuries have been reported in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk.

- The Ministry of Health in the Sultanate of Oman announces 21 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 231.

- The Philippines confirmed the death of its ambassador to Lebanon after she was infected with the Coronavirus.

- Israeli Minister of Health, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, was diagnosed with the disease, along with his wife, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, who 

were quarantined because of their meeting with the minister.

Thailand announced 104 new infections, as well as 3 additional deaths.

- In Kuwait, the Minister of Health announced the recovery of one new case of people infected with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of recovery cases to 81.

- Poland expects a peak in HIV cases in April, after a total of 2554 and 43 deaths.

The number of confirmed infections in Germany rose to 73,522, and deaths to 872.

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