How to be more confident

How to be more confident 


Set goals and acquire skills

To increase the self-confidence of the person should determine the goals that he wants to achieve, and then look for the appropriate way to acquire the necessary skills for this, such as enrollment in programs, courses or other, and referred to starting to achieve small goals first, then celebrate reaching them, and so until the accumulation of successes more and more.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing oneself to others can reduce their value. One of those comparisons is to say to himself: "So I have 3,000 friends on Facebook while I have only 300 friends" or "Somebody outperforms me when we play football" or "So and I own a house." It is noteworthy that these ideas negatively affect the feelings of the person towards himself; therefore, one must realize that the only person to compete with is himself; no one is subject to the same conditions as others.

Write down strengths and weaknesses

To promote self-confidence, a person can create two lists on a sheet of paper, with the first list titled "Strengths" and the second list titled "Weaknesses", then writing 10 points of strength, noting that a person who does not trust himself may have difficulty finding Ten points of strength, but he must force himself to write it down, perhaps by thinking about what others have told him over time as a compliment, then by writing weaknesses and trying to change what can be changed.

Reduce stress

Stress that negatively affects self-confidence can be reduced by mixing and communicating with others. This can be done by registering to learn one of the artistic skills at the community center such as painting, music, poetry, dancing, and so on.

Pay attention to your appearance

Paying attention to the external appearance promotes self-confidence, including attention to personal hygiene, so that the shower is always, washing hair and trimming nails, in addition to wearing clean and comfortable clothes that make the person satisfied.

Make friends

being social and having friends to talk to make you feel better and more confident.

don't complain

Because talking about negative things makes you negative, it makes you less happy, and in turn less confident, and you give yourself the impression that you can't control things, you shouldn't need to complain about anything if you don't like something just change it. 


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