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Breast duct treatment for early breast cancer eliminates all signs of disease in laboratory experiments
 In laboratory studies of very early-stage breast cancers, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found that injecting a targ...
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Sleep apnoea symptoms in postmenopausal women linked to low estrogen
  Reduced estrogen and progesterone levels appear to be what makes postmenopausal women more likely to experience sleep apnoea symptoms such...
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Scientists envision a 'stock market' for species to put a price tag on actions that pose risks to biodiversity
Species have objective value, but they also provide ecosystem services with significant economic value, such as the pollination of our crops...
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According to a project researcher, China's 'alien' signal was almost certainly caused by humans.
The erroneous signals were discovered by China's massive FAST telescope, the world's largest radio telescope.  (Image credit Xinhua/...
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Research shows dangers of secondhand cannabis smoke
Toxic air pollutants from secondhand cannabis smoke are four times worse than those from cigarettes. Although 27% of young adults believe ...
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New Pediatric Obesity Program Makes Treatment Easier
Childhood obesity r emains a serious health problem in the United States, with one in five children affected. The US Preventive Services Tas...
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Nanoparticles may be the next generation solution to teeth whitening
In a recent study published in the American Chemical Society (ACS) Nano, researchers reviewed nanoparticles (NPS) as a new generation of tee...
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Math model predicts many drug combinations to help treat heart attacks
The researchers used mice to develop a mathematical model of myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack . The new model predic...
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New research contributes to a better understanding of the basic biology of nerve cells
Scientists are beginning to understand the exact actions of a type of gene that, unlike other genes, does not code for proteins - the buildi...
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Diamonds can be used in quantum sensing.
University of Tsukuba researchers demonstrated how ultrafast spectroscopy can be used to improve the temporal resolution of quantum sensing ...
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Neutrinos trace the sun has more carbon and nitrogen than formerly thought
After many years of debate, scientists have become toward identifying precisely what the sun — and as a result, the entire universe — is mad...
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Scientists develop nanoparticles that aid in the treatment of solid tumors.
nanoparticles tumors Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine have discovered a potential new way to treat solid tumors by...
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