Textile filter test shows promising results in carbon capture
North Carolina State University researchers have found that they can filter carbon dioxide from air and gas mixtures at promising rates us...
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The reefs of Ningaloo are not equipped to deal with future climate change
According to a new study by Curtin University, populations of relatively pristine coral reefs in the coastal Kimberley region of Washington...
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Floating solar power could help combat climate change.
 Covering 10% of the world's hydropower reservoirs with Floatovoltaics would provide the same amount of electrical capacity as is cur...
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Some deep-sea octopuses aren’t the long-haul moms scientists thought they were
 Laying eggs in the warmer water of geothermal springs accelerates the hatching process. In the "Octopus Garden" (pictured) off th...
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Sunlight helps clean up oil spills in the ocean more than previously thought
 Up to 17% of the surface oil from the Deepwater Horizon may have been dissolved by solar light. This US Coast Guard boat recovered spilled ...
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The past’s extreme ocean heat waves are now the new normal
 More than half of the world's oceans are experiencing extreme temperatures that were unheard of a century ago. Between 2013 and 2016, t...
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Coastal cities around the globe are sinking
 As a result of the subsidence, coastlines are even more vulnerable to rising seas. Manila, Philippines, is one of the world's fastest s...
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Climate change intensified deadly storms in Africa in early 2022
 Hundreds of people died as a result of the heavy rains, which also caused severe damage. In late January, Tropical Storm Ana dumped heavy r...
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Forests help reduce global warming in more ways than one
There's more to the effect than just carbon dioxide absorption. Beyond their well-known ability to capture carbon, which helps trees com...
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A tweaked yeast can make ethanol from cornstalks and a harvest’s other leftovers
 The method could be used to tap into underutilized renewable fuel sources. According to a new study, the leaves, stalks, and discarded cobs...
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Potty-trained cattle could help reduce pollution
 These cows utilize restroom cubicles when nature calls. This cow is natural when it comes to potty training. When this and other calves nee...
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