Young women’s psychological distress increases when they change their identity away from the heterosexual norm
  According to new research, changes in sexual identity are associated with increased psychological distress in young women. However, accord...
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Narcissism and psychopathy are linked to heightened sexual self-esteem and lower levels of sexual anxiety
  The Dark Triad characteristics are commonly regarded as overwhelmingly negative, but could they have a positive impact on people's sex...
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Megalodon may have been higher up the food chain than any modern shark
  Megatooth sharks, including megalodon, appear to have held the highest position in marine predator food webs ever held by a predator. Mega...
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New research contributes to a better understanding of the basic biology of nerve cells
Scientists are beginning to understand the exact actions of a type of gene that, unlike other genes, does not code for proteins - the buildi...
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New study offers a 'big picture' of Europe's genetic landscape
  genetic landscape A new study from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences examining population genetics across Europe has looked...
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Biochemists use enzymes to change the way brain cells communicate with each other
As you read this sentence, neurons in your brain send fast-fire electrical signals to each other, relaying information. They do this throu...
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How much spring nitrogen to apply? Weather before planting may provide an idea
With the rising cost of nitrogen fertilizers and their impact on air and water quality, University of Illinois researchers want to help fa...
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Decoding a key cell component atom by atom
Decoding a key cell Whatever you're doing, whether you're driving a car, walking, or even at your laziest, eating potato chips and w...
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Chromatin originated in ancient microbes 1 billion to 2 billion years ago
Ancyromonas sigmoids, an unstudied microbe with enormous potential for research into the origins of eukaryotes / Credit: Naoji Yubuki In nea...
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Europe's largest land predator discovered on the Isle of Wight
Anthony Hutchings created this illustration of a White Rock spinosaurid. Credit: UoS/A Hutchings   Research led by paleontologists at the U...
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New clues about when, where and how chickens were domesticated
New research is transforming our understanding of the conditions and timing of chicken domestication , and its spread across Asia to the We...
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