How the emotional climate between mothers and their children helps adolescents cope with stress
adolescents stress The transition to middle school can be a stressful time for teens . They must adapt to the new peer group and social envi...
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Exercising before or after a flu vaccine may improve its effectiveness.
Physically active people had higher antibody levels if they exercised around the time of receiving the flu shot . For people who are usually...
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The Canine Family Tree in America
  (Photo courtesy of the Center for American Archeology/Del Baston) Koster, Illinois, ancient dog skeleton The fate of the indigenous dogs o...
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of the composition of the lung microbiome in lung cancer
  A systematic review and meta-analysis of the composition of the lung microbiome in lung cancer Background: Although recent research has l...
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Scientists develop nanoparticles that aid in the treatment of solid tumors.
nanoparticles tumors Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine have discovered a potential new way to treat solid tumors by...
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Roman graffiti leaves no doubt about how one soldier felt about the other  .
A stone with a carved penis and an explicit insult was recently discovered near the Scottish-British border along with Hadrian's Wall ex...
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IgG antibodies in breast milk help form the gut bacteria and immunity of babies
IgG antibodies in breast milk IgG:  Researchers have known for some time that breast milk provides essential nutrients to newborns, and a...
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 A stress protein in fibroblasts may be a good target for future cancer drugs
The ATF4 protein acts in tumor s and tumor-supporting fibroblasts to promote tumor survival A study led by researchers at the university&#3...
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Proteomic study of 2,002 tumors identifies 11 molecular subtypes of all cancers across 14 cancer types.
To facilitate gene-level data queries from more than 10,000 cancer patient transcript sequences and proteomics data from 2,000 patients, the...
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How Species Form: What the Intertwined History of the Polar Bear and the Brown Bear Tells Us
 A new study offers a more detailed look at the evolutionary histories of polar bears and brown bears. The fact that these animals became se...
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The world's oldest pants sewed together Asian cultures (  3,000-year-old )
 Versace, step aside. These 3,000-year-old pants were fashionable, practical, and multicultural. According to researchers, this 3,000-year-o...
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