A new study reveals that dreams and nightmares may be an early warning sign of Parkinson's disease

A new study reveals that dreams and nightmares may be an early warning sign of Parkinson's disease

Every night when we go to sleep, we spend a few hours in a virtual world developed by our brains where we are the main protagonist of an unfolding story that we didn't consciously create. In other words, we are dreaming.

Most people's dreams are mostly pleasant, occasionally negative, frequently strange, and rarely terrifying. If anything is remembered at all. But for about 5% of people, unforgettable terrifying nightmares (bad dreams that make you wake up) occur weekly or even at night.

A study I conducted in 2021 found people newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease had small deposits in the "aggressive or agitated" manifestation such,, along with similar studies, suggesting that people with Parkinson's disease can predict upcoming health outcomes.

This made me wonder, can dreams of people without Parkinson's disease predict future outcomes as well? My latest study, published in The Lancet's eClinical Medicine, shows that they did. He showed a good face, but a good copy of a good sign was initially a good sign of impending Parkinson's disease in healthy people.

It contains master data containing 3,818 main data. At the start of the study, the men completed a set of data, one of which included a question about bad dreams.

Participants who reported the fact that this episode was fine were followed until the end of the study.

During this period, 91 people were diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Those who were experiencing exposure to their children were at risk.

Years ago

These findings suggest the hallmarks of Parkinson's disease, including tremors, stiffness, and slow movement.

The study also shows that our dreams can reveal important information about brain structure and function and proves an important goal for neuroscience research.

It is worth noting that only 16 of the 368 men in this study who had frequent bad dreams had Parkinson's disease. Because of a rare case of Parkinson's disease, most people who live in white are likely to be white.

, These results appear in Parkinson's. Recognizing that bad dreams and frequent nightmares (especially when they begin later in life) may be an early indicator of the onset of Parkinson's disease may lead to an early and complex diagnosis. One day, the disease may be started by doctors.

My team is now planning an EEG (a technique for measuring brain waves) that can help us see conditions that can help at the same time, and so does Parkinson's problem in people who have trouble connecting to that condition.

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