How to center images with CSS

 How to center images with CSS

Would you like to center an image using CSS? Alignment issues are often a source of frustration for web designers. Fortunately, centering an image with CSS is really simple, and we'll show you how to do it in a few steps.

As with many web design tasks, there is more than one way to get this done! We'll cover some of the main methods in this article. Let's get started! Check out how to edit web pages on Safari with Inspect Element.

1. Use the margin feature

Setting the margin property is one of the easiest ways to center an image horizontally using CSS. Margins are an essential component of a CSS box template.

First, you will need to convert the image element from an inline element to a block element. Block-level HTML elements take up the full width of their parent element and can consume the full width of a page.


By making the image element a block element, you can then manipulate its position by adjusting its horizontal margins. You will also need to set a specific width for the image, to determine how much space the image takes up on the page.

Whatever width you choose, the image should have equal margins on the left and right. You can easily achieve this by giving the Margin property an automatic value: {

 display: block;

 margin-left: auto;

 margin-right: auto;

 width: 800px;


2. Use the Flexbox layout

This method requires placing the image in a block-level element, usually a div:

<div class="center"> <img src=”xyz.jpg”> </div>

Once you do that, you can add some properties to control its appearance. You will be using two CSS properties.

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The first is the width property with its value set to flex. You can also use flex to align elements in HTML. The second property you'll add to the div is justify-content , with its value set to center as follows: {

 display: flex;

 justify-content: center;


3. Use the centering element

Web best practices encourage you to use CSS for styling and HTML for semantics, so you should not use this HTML method. The center tag, which centers its contents horizontally, is deprecated in HTML5.


But if you must, here's how to center an image using only HTML. Simply wrap the img tag within the center tag like this:


 <img src=”xyz.jpg”>


This is how to align your HTML images

We've shown you three different, easy-to-use ways to center your images in an HTML document. Try them all and choose the best one for you. Avoid the third method unless you have absolutely no choice!

One thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a few other ways to center images using HTML and CSS. One common method that works with both text and inline images is the text alignment feature. Now you can check out fun games to help you learn CSS programming easily.


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