Download Apex Legends Mobile by downloading its APK!

How to download Apex Legends Mobile by downloading its APK!

 Apex Legends Mobile for Android is now launched and you can play it before anyone else! After several years of speculation and an official announcement in which not many details were given, the popular Electronics Arts game is here.

Download Apex Legends Mobile by downloading its APK!

Do you want to be one of the first to experience this amazing battle royale? Then stay with us because we will teach you how to download and install Apex Legends APK on Android so you can start playing now.

The game As everyone knows you are playing against users from all over the planet, where you can participate in battles by teams or individuals.

 Now, that rivalry has reached mobile phones, where Apex Legends will compete to become one of the best battle royale games for Android. 

Will you do that? Of course yes, but let's stop talking and we'd better follow what I came for, which is to download it.

To get Apex Legends Mobile on your smartphone before anyone else, you will have to install it using its APK and copy the game data files. This is what you should do:

  1. Download Apex Legends Mobile XAPK using the button below.
  2. Change the file extension from (.xapk) to (.zip).
  3.  Unzip the file in your mobile phone storage.
  4. Copy the contents of the "Obb" folder and paste it into the Android/Obb path on your device.
  5.  Install Apex Legends APK on your smartphone.
  6. Start the game and start having fun.

As you will see, it is a very easy process to follow. By the way, before we go we must tell you something. Apex Legends Mobile is in a closed beta testing period, so it may not be available in some regions.

 If you get an error, try changing your IP address to India or the Philippines, as closed beta is known to be active in those countries (although it is in other regions as well).

Link: Apex Legends Mobile


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