Samsung : Samsung Browser has been updated with new more useful functions

Samsung : Samsung Browser has been updated with new more useful functions

Browser is one of the essential applications for any mobile phone. Because honestly and despite the fact that we all use cell phones to call, send text messages, and even take pictures, a browser is essential for you to be able to use the internet.

There are many browser applications on Android. Some of them depend on user privacy, some on stability, and some on speed. Google Chrome is the most popular browser in its own right, but fortunately, it is not the only browser. One of my favorite browsers is the Samsung browser.

 The reasons for using the Samsung browser, which comes by default in Samsung devices, we mentioned before in a post titled: 3 compelling reasons why you should use the Samsung browser on your phone instead of Google Chrome, and now Samsung has announced that this browser has received an interesting update. As we read on the official Samsung website, version 14.0 (beta) of this browser brings all these features:

It is now based on Chromium 87

- An enhanced smart anti-tracking feature that automatically clears cookies at scheduled intervals

- New privacy dashboard showing us how many pop-ups and cookies have been blocked

- On Samsung Galaxy Folk phones, the browser automatically starts Flex mode when the video goes fullscreen

- App Pair can operate up to 3 split-screen windows simultaneously

- On Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, handwriting recognition is added in text boxes and in the URL bar

- Reading mode improvements

- Browser translation extension now supports 18 languages

So if none of you have a Samsung device and have not tested its browser yet, there is no excuse now for not doing so as it is allowed free on Google Play. Samsung states that all of these features will come "soon" to the official version of the browser, so you should make sure to update the browser.

Link: Samsung Internet Browser


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