Phone applications - 5 applications that we have chosen try they will benefit you a lot

 5 distinct applications that we have chosen for you for this week to try them on your phone and will benefit you a lot

Phone applications - 5 applications that we have chosen  try  they will benefit you a lot

We also used together to display the best new applications that are launched on a weekly basis, and thanks to God, we have already provided many and many applications, and since many applications are launched permanently, we are continuing this series and our date in this post with the best new applications that you can download.

First application: FastVid

This application solves a problem that we have always wished to solve, which is downloading videos from Facebook with ease in addition to many other features, and among these features is the ability to browse Facebook inside the application and enter any page to download the desired video, just download the application and then log in to Facebook Congratulations.

The second application: QuakeAlert

 The application provides a unique service, which is the alert of earthquakes, meaning that the application is updated with the latest news related to earthquakes, specifically in your region, and then it keeps alerting you of the time of this earthquake until you get out of it with the least losses and personally I see that this application will progress more because this task has not been presented In any other application.

The third app: Weird Cuts

This application is based on AR technology, which helps in integrating a very large number of images in one form and in the other appearing as if they were pictured in this way, this service is considered one of the very required services, especially for people interested in posting their photos on social media platforms.

Fourth app: Knew

The task performed by this application is not new at all, but the application in itself has not spent much time on its launch, however, it has received a good number of downloads, and its mission is to collect local and international news from the largest international channels and newspapers and then display it in the application with Cited the source.

Fifth app: Ready2Wall

This is the last on this list. We have already put up here in the blog Howo many similar applications to it, and given that this type of application is admired by users, I decided to put this new application on this list and its mission is to publish new backgrounds suitable for the phone and the best thing in the application is the continuous update of wallpapers and high quality.


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