Qualcomm prepares to take smartphones to a "new era"


Qualcomm prepares to take smartphones to a "new era"

International press reports revealed that the American company "Qualcomm" is preparing to introduce smartphones to a new stage of speed, distinctive features, and technologies.

The website "Android Headlines", a specialized technical, said that "Qualcomm" is preparing to launch its new super processor, "Snapdragon 875", on the first of December.

Qualcomm will unveil its new processor in a hypothetical event, and it will not be in Hawaii as usual.f

Xiaomi smartphone

 Qualcomm is producing a charger that can charge the battery 50% in just 5 minutes

Experts expect Qualcomm to offer a different performance in its Snapdragon 875 processor, as it delivers faster performance and more battery-efficient use.

Qualcomm will also introduce better smartphone features to support fifth-generation communications technologies, and new camera features.

Other technology companies have not yet announced their intention to adopt the new super processor, but it appears that a large number of companies will adopt it in their phones before the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2021.

The company, "Samsung" and the famous "Galaxy S" series, are the first brands to adopt the new "Snapdragon" chips.


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