5G Conspiracy | 5G Conspiracy Scammers Protects The Home From Effects of 5G

5G Conspiracy | 5G Conspiracy  Scammers Protects The Home From Effects of 5G

Reinforcing the false notion that 5G causes the coronavirus, online scammers are taking advantage of people's irrational fears by selling 128MB USB flash drives with the promise that they will avoid purchasing COVID-19. It has been established that 5G has no effect, harmful or not, on the human body.
Scam artists are using fear of 5G to sell USB sticks saying it will protect people from the 'harmful' effects of 5G
The origin of the scam comes from the 5G conspiracy theory that it was causing the coronavirus. This has already been shown to be false. However, this did not prevent a company called BioShield Distribution from unveiling a device that they say can protect users from the coronavirus using "quantum holographic catalyst technology."
Despite looking like an ordinary flash drive, the 5GBioShield went on sale in the UK for $ 348. The company says it can protect the entire home from the 5G user. According to the descriptions on its website, BioShield Distribution provided more details on how its technology could help.

"The 5GBioShield USB key with the nanolayer is a quantum holographic catalyst technology for balancing and harmonizing the harmful effects of unbalanced electrical radiation. The operating diameter of the nanolayer is 8 or 40 meters. The 5GBioShield USB key is the result of decades-long research in several countries. The active diameter of the active wrench protects and harmonizes an entire family home, "says the website.

Even if there have been numerous studies proclaiming 5G to be safe, anti-5G activists continue to insist that next-generation networks can cause health problems, as well as the coronavirus.

How did they know it was false?

To investigate whether the company's claims were really true, Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners, along with associate Phil Eveleigh, ordered a 5GBioShield device and dissected it.

In a blog post posted by the two, Pen Test Partners detailed their teardown of the anti-5G machine saying, "We managed to get the device out of the glass, which showed nothing more than an LED on the end of the stick, the same as the other 'glass' USB keys we found made in Shenzen. There were no additional components or connections. The circular area in the main case looked like it could be where the 'quantum holographic catalyst technology' transmitter could be turned off, so as not to damage the key components, with overwhelming disappointment, looked exactly like a normal sticker. "

In conclusion, the 5GBioShield is simply an expensive 128MB USB flash drive that was falsely marketed as a device that would deter the negative effects of 5G. If you ever come across this device, or something similar that claims the same benefits, to be sold online, please report it and don't be fooled by people who want to exploit their fear for their money.

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